Planets in the 9th House – Mars or Jupiter

Planets in the 9th House

Mars or Jupiter in the 9th House

Mars in the 9th House



When Mars is in the 9th House, conflicts and arguments will probably lead to disturbance in one’s close relationships.

These people will neither be religious nor philosophical.

These natives will have a strong physical body and are highly courageous.

They will attain popularity and respect due to their own efforts.  They will seldom depend upon others.

They will be ambitious and loaded with confidence. 

These people will be fond of traveling and will prefer jobs that involve travel. 

Positive energy will be giving wings to the ambition of these folks.

They will have stubborn views and their mind will never be very receptive to new ideas. 

These natives will be lucky in terms of owning land and property.  

These people are revolutionary by nature and cannot see injustice being done anywhere.  They will always stand for law and justice. 

They can be a little reckless and can take wrong decisions.

Due to their rash behavior, they start many projects and leave them unfinished and move to the next. 


Exalted or Own House

If Mars is in Capricorn, Aries, or Scorpio in the 9th House, the native will receive a lot of love, happiness from their father.  

They will be highly spiritual and philosophical. 

When it comes to the accomplishment of desires, they will be climbing the stairs of success.

They will be attaining higher knowledge.

They will be actively participating in performing good deeds.  People will recognize them for their service to the community.

These people will be highly responsible and can accomplish a lot in life due to their strong determination.

They will love to travel and can hardly be in one place for long.


Debilitated, or Fallen

If Mars is in Cancer in the 9th House, these natives are unlucky when it comes to getting opportunities in life.

They do not like to work and can be highly lethargic. 

The relationship of these folks with their father will not be a good one.

They usually feel timid, weak and need someone as security around them.

In case they would visit foreign places, they will be inviting troubles.

These natives are not at all religious.

They will lack wisdom and higher knowledge.

They do not have stability in what they say and can be changing their decisions frequently.


Jupiter in the 9th House



When Jupiter is in the 9th House, the faith of these natives in God is deeply-rooted.

They have a positive outlook towards life and always have a large vision.

They will be spiritually engaged.

These natives would have a lot of knowledge and a deep understanding of spiritual matters.

Their whole life, they will be involved in performing good deeds.

As the 9th House is the House of destiny and Jupiter is the planet of abundance, these folks are blessed with good luck.

These people can be daydreamers and can leave things half done.  

Divine blessing is in store for these natives.

They will be showing their interest in meditation and spirituality.

If there is an aspect of benefic planets, they are likely to be a spiritual teacher or guru.

These folks will be engrossed in charitable work.

They love to go on pilgrimage and visit religious sites.

These natives like to live in foreign lands.


Exalted or Own House

If the 9th House is Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces and contains Jupiter, these people are full of confidence and knowledge.  

They are very private in nature and do not like to show off.

They are kind, generous and people admire them because of their willingness to help others.

The possibilities are high that these people will walk on the path of becoming a spiritual teacher.

Also, they may gain recognition as a religious figure.

The father of these people may be remarkably wealthy and popular.

Their children are likely to be prosperous.

These natives like to go on foreign trips and pilgrimage.

They can easily motivate others and get the best out of them.


Debilitated, or Fallen

When Jupiter is in Capricorn in the 9th House, a lack of understanding will be there between these people and their father.

They lack concentration and deep knowledge.

They are likely to face problems on the children’s front.

Although these folks work very hard in life, they rarely reach the place where they want to be.  They never get recognition for their work.

They may be introvert by nature and do not open easily with others.  

In terms of acquiring knowledge of a higher level, they never get the desired results.

They will also face problems on the education front.

Such natives sometimes believe that they are always right and tend to make wrong decisions. 


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