Planets in the 9th House – Mercury or Venus

Planets in the 9th House

Mercury or Venus in the 9th House

Mercury in the 9th House



When Mercury is in the 9th House, the person becomes highly spiritual and religious.

They have a deep understanding and knowledge of spiritual matters and make spirituality an integral part of their life. 

They are very philosophical and like to study every topic deeply.

These people are meant to be good speakers and can influence people easily with their wisdom and intellect.

They will be well-educated in their life.

Mathematics and science will be their core interest areas.

They have a lot of interest in astrology and other occult sciences.

Distance traveling is something these people will enjoy and would visit foreign destinations many times in their life.

These people will do good deeds.  They can be easily trusted by others.

These natives have good luck and will easily find solutions to troubling situations that arise in life.

With Mercury in the 9th House, these folks will speak more than one language.

They have great vision and can easily comprehend most ideas.


Exalted or Own House

When Mercury is in Virgo or Gemini in the  9th House, these natives will have amazing intelligence and confidence.

They are energetic and lively.  They seek perfection in anything they do. 

These folks possess great communication skills and are very witty.

They will be fortunate enough and gain higher knowledge in life.

These people may teach spirituality at some point in their life.

They are highly sophisticated and have a pleasant personality.

These folks are generally lucky when it comes to making money.  They will always be riding a chariot of good luck.

Gains are indicated through their father.

They think practically and constructively.  They can easily find solutions to the most complex ideas.


Debilitated, or Fallen

If Mercury is in Pisces in the 9th House, these people have little or no interest in spiritual and religious matters.

They may build their trust in some deceitful guru and gain untrue knowledge.

These folks may have some troubles in their relationship with people close to them.

Memory loss, inability to comprehend complicated tasks, lack of confidence is something that they will face in life.

These natives may suffer from skin-related ailments.

They are very forgetful, creating problems for themselves and others.

They waste a lot of time gossiping or talking about things that are not important.


Venus in the 9th House



When Venus is in the 9th House, luck will favor these natives.       

They will be an expert when dealing with problems in their life.

These type of people would be of a very generous and giving nature.

They are likely to be attracted to religious activities.

Their life partner is expected to have religious sentiments too.

Traveling from the native land to foreign places will be something they would love to do.

They will be fond of spiritual life.

These people will have a special interest in music, art and cinema.

They are likely to enjoy every second of their life.  They live life to the fullest. 

These people are rich and enjoy many luxuries and comforts in life.


Exalted or Own House

When Venus is in Pisces, Taurus, Libra in the 9th House, they will have wealth, wisdom and a lot of happiness.

These people are financially lucky and can expect financial windfall at some stage of their life.

They see enormous success in their ventures.

They travel far and wide and get to meet a lot of interesting people.

These natives are highly creative and others appreciate their work.

They will be having a great love for spirituality and mystic sciences.

They are likely to become a spiritual or religious teacher if everything goes in that manner.

These folks are going to be happily married and will always be supported by their partner.

They will be healthy and will live a long life.

They will be lucky in love and will have a good and long-lasting relationship.


Debilitated, or Fallen

When Venus is in Virgo in the 9th House, the person will suffer from low esteem and confidence.

Such people are self-critical and shy from social gatherings.

They may face some issues with their father.  Father will face enormous difficulties and hardships. 

These people may have a hard time completing any kind of higher education.

They will not be having a good relationship with any spiritual teacher if they have one.

These folks will be having some long-distance journeys in their life.

When Venus is in Virgo in the 9th House, marriage and relationship problems will be there.

Money gains will not accrue and they will face financial problems.

These people will be stubborn and prone to making hasty decisions.


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