Planets in the 9th House – Saturn, Rahu or Ketu

Planets in the 9th House

Saturn, Rahu or Ketu in the 9th House

Saturn in the 9th House



When Saturn is in the 9th House, these people are ambitious and want to do something different in this world.

They can get positive results in their life only through hard work and sincere efforts.

These natives are generous and love to take care of others.

They are reserved and do not like the interference of others in their life.

Getting the desired results will not be easy for them in their life.

These people are highly spiritual and spend time in meditation and yoga.

They will be spending time and wealth for the maintenance of temples and places of worship.

They will have the ability to think deeply about important issues in their life and come out with appropriate solutions.

If there is a malefic aspect on Saturn in the 9th House, the native will lack confidence and will take wrong decisions in life.

They will be developing religious beliefs during their life’s journey.

Philosophy is an area in which their interest will be cultivated.

These natives will be curious to get higher knowledge on the spiritual front.

They will be fond of traveling far and wide. 


Exalted or Own House

When Saturn is in Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius in the 9th House, these people will be sincere and true in a relationship.

Luck will always be on their side.

These people will be disciplined and mature enough to make the right decisions.

They will have great administration skills.

Dealing with responsibilities will be easy for them.

They will have the ability to concentrate to reach their goals.

They will be highly spiritual and philosophical by nature.

They will be proud of their roots, traditions and values.

They will be fond of going on a pilgrimage.

These people can expect a good relationship with their father.

They will travel overseas many times.

Such people stand up for their principles and beliefs.


Debilitated, or Fallen

When Saturn is in Aries in the 9th House, the person will shy away from taking responsibilities.

With luck not favoring them, these people will face many challenges in their life.

The person may be shy and lack confidence.

The relationship with the father will lack understanding and can have ego clashes.

The native will face difficulty in saving money.

These people will not be undertaking distant journeys. 

They will not be having involvement in religious practices.

These natives face a lot of hurdles, obstacles in their life.  Everything they get is with a lot of delays and efforts.

Such people are not religious or spiritual.  They try to distance themselves from such activities. 


Rahu in the 9th House



When Rahu is in the 9th House, these natives are likely to be kind, respected and worldly-wise.

These people can easily impress others with their behavior. 

These people are generous and sympathetic towards people in distress and can go out of the way to help others.

These individuals like to be in a position of authority and power.  

They believe in God and can have firm beliefs. 

These people may not have a cordial relationship with their father.

Such people are fond of visiting new places and living with foreigners.

They do their work with perfection and excel in everything they do.  

When Rahu is in the 9th House, it makes them hold extreme views.  Either they will believe in God and be very religious or will be an atheist.

In terms of being philosophical, few of these natives will be philosophical, while the remaining ones won’t be taking any interest in it.

They may face disruptions on the education front. 


Exalted or Own House

When Rahu is in Gemini or Virgo in the 9th House, the luck factor would favor these natives.

These people will have the ability to think deeply and work on issues that are important.

These people are proud of their own selves and have enormous self-respect.

They have the ability to find appropriate solutions to their problems easily.

These natives are strong, mighty and enjoy materialistic comforts.

They like to travel to foreign places and also live among foreigners. 

The native will be fun-loving and enjoy life to the fullest.

The father of such people enjoys enormous respect in public.


Ketu in the 9th House



If Ketu is in the 9th House, these folks are likely to lack focus and concentration.

These people are narrow-minded and will not be modern in their views.

They will have a very philosophical mind.

They will not be very religious.

The relationship with the father will not be good. 

The luck factor won’t work for these folks.        

These people will face problems in obtaining higher education.  

They will hardly be interested in social work and charity.

They will give importance to materialistic comforts in life.

If there is an affliction on Ketu, these people will practice black magic or witchcraft.

They will love to travel a lot especially distant places.

These natives love to talk and communicate with others. 


Exalted or Own House 

If Ketu is in Gemini or Virgo in the 9th House, gains are indicated from the father.

These people will have good character and always want to help others.

Luck will back these natives all the time.

When problems come, they can easily find a solution.

Strong moral values will be making them a better person.

Their intuitiveness is improved to a level that helps them make correct decisions.

They have strong psychic abilities and can easily read other people’s minds.


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