The 12 Houses of Astrology

The 7th House

House of Marriage, Spouse and Partnerships

Affairs governed by the 7th House are:

Marriage, married life, marital bliss, partnerships, lust, nature and character of spouse, short journeys, business partnership, trade, sexual union, legal contracts, agreements, danger to longevity, trade, open enemies, diplomacy, secret love affairs, theft, grandfather, recovery of lost wealth, foreign settlement.   

Correlating with the physiology, the 7th House represents semen, urinary tract, prostate, sexual health.

The 7th House occupies the space between the horizon and the point 30 degrees below the horizon, at the moment of our birth, looking West.



In the Vedic Horoscope chart, the 7th House occupies the area highlighted in the diagram above.

The 7th House is associated with the Water element, making it a House of desires.  From marriage, business and neighbors–the 7th house indicates how the native will experience and be influenced by relationships.  The quality of marriage and spouse will be indicated in the 7th House.

The 7th House, being an angular House, creates a benevolent aspect for the ruler that occupies it.

It is a benefic House; a strong 7th House is good for marriage and marital life. 

The 7th House is also the House of union and hence represents business partnerships as well.

The 7th House also refers to all those with whom the native enters into contracts and agreements.

The 7th House refers to all those with whom there are arguments, conflicts and legal issues.

A good aspect on the 7th House portrays a good relationship with the public and favors from them.

If there is a malefic aspect on the 7th House, one should be careful when dealing with others.

The 7th House indicates if the person will mix up freely in the society.  It also indicates the support the person receives from others.

In horary astrology, the 7th House answers queries relating to recovery of lost property, theft etc.

In mundane astrology, the 7th House deals with matters related to international relationships and arbitration.

The indicator of the 7th House is Venus.


Location of the 7th House Ruler

Ruler of the 7th House Located in the 1st House

Ruler of the 7th House located in the 1st House signifies a healthy, happy marriage that is supported by a fulfilling and enduring sex life.  The native enjoys marriage with a lifelong friend who is especially fair and beautiful.

The native is more prone to happiness, success and power and will be endlessly passionate.

Such natives have good looks and are highly respected in society.

As 7th ruler aspects the 7th House, these people enjoy a happy marital life.

They can marry a childhood friend or someone with whom they have an intimate relationship. 

These people can have a successful and long-lasting partnership.

If there is affliction on the 7th ruler then they can be adulterous and can easily give into physical pleasures.


Ruler of the 7th House Located in the 2nd House

Income and status gained through partnerships.  The spouse will be intelligent and well-off.  Native has strong communication and speaking skills and is prone to creativity and inventiveness.

Business relationships and family life are likely to be positive.

These people are lucky and receive wealth through the spouse.

These people have a lot of confidence and good command over their speech.

They get a spouse from a good respectable family.

Their spouse will be financially independent and bold in taking decisions.

Such natives enjoy a happy marital life.

If there is affliction on the 7th House ruler then the person may be associated with many women.

Such natives can also indulge in immoral actions and deeds.


Ruler of the 7th House Located in the 3rd House

The native has a good social circle and is a good host.

Native has strong desires that become fulfilled.  Spouse interested in artistry including music, dance, theater, or literary arts.

This aspect makes for powerful and wealthy siblings but generally, may indicate instability within married life.

The native has rich and influential siblings.

The spouse of the native has a lot of courage, initiative and determination.

The spouse will have a lot of creativity and a special interest in music, dance and literature.

If there is affliction on the ruler of the 7th House, the marriage life will suffer and the possibility of divorce is strong.  Also, the native may face problems related to financial disputes.


Ruler of the 7th House Located in the 4th House

When the ruler of the 7th House is located in the 4th House, the native has a happy and blissful marital life.

This placement indicates a comfortable and happy lifestyle along with a satisfying marriage.  Native is well educated and maintains properties in the form of land or houses.  The spouse of the native is likely to have a nurturing, motherly nature.

A mental connection and stability are important to the native.  The spouse of this native should be flexible and adaptable and willing to bend without breaking.

The spouse is of good character and loyal.

The native enjoys many comforts and luxuries.

The native has land, house and conveyance.

The native has a fickle temperament and highly romantic by nature.


Ruler of the 7th House Located in the 5th House

Such natives are wealthy, proud, virtuous and have a peaceful temperament.

Business partnerships will be fruitful.  Good karma is returned to the native in the form of happy relationships.

Spouse is likely to be committed to the happiness and success of the marriage and possess physical beauty and riches.  Spouse’s family may be wealthy.  Their children will be a source of great joy.

This native is best suited for a spouse who would encourage their creative pursuits. 

These people get a wealthy, devoted and multi-talented spouse.

The spouse is highly creative and romantic by nature.

The native will have a good marital life.

The native will have many children.

The love life of the native will be good and blissful.

The native will have gains through business partnerships.


Ruler of the 7th House Located in the 6th House

When the ruler of the 7th House is located in the 6th House, there will be marital problems. 

This placement is a detriment to the native.  Chances for divorce increase significantly.  Partnerships are unfavorable.  Attributes to the spouse are diminished.  They are likely to have health problems, little wealth, and find meager success in life.

Native may choose a partner who has a similar lifestyle, beliefs, or habits as themselves.

The native could suffer from the actions of the spouse.

The possibility of separation is strong in the horoscope.

The spouse will have frequent health issues.

The native suffers financial losses due to bad partnerships.

The native suffers due to legal complications and litigations.


Ruler of the 7th House Located in the 7th House

When the ruler of the 7th House is located in the 7th House, the native is powerful, multi-talented and has a good reputation in society.  Marriage will be happy and enjoyable.

This person has positive leadership qualities including beauty, a powerful and influential demeanor and is well-respected by others.

The native has a beautiful, talented, charming, wealthy spouse.

The spouse of the native belongs to a good family and enjoys good health and long life.

When the ruler of the 7th House is located in the 7th House, the native may marry early in life and will have a good sexual life.

If there is affliction on the 7th House, then the possibility of divorce is very strong in the horoscope.

However, if the ruler of the 7th is malefic there is potential for severe marital issues.  If the ruler is a benefic, marriage will be a source of pride and joy.  Either way, with this placement, the spouse of the native will be physically attractive.

If the 7th House ruler is conjoined with malefic planets then the native will have multiple relationships.


Ruler of the 7th House Located in the 8th House

When the ruler of the 7th House is located in the 8th House, the spouse will be of a quarrelsome nature and hot-tempered.

This placement signifies great challenges for the spouse to be happy and the marriage to be fulfilling.

Extra care must be taken to maintain the spouse or partner’s health, which will be tested.

The marital life will be disturbed with less physical compatibility.

The spouse may have chronic health issues.

The possibility of separation is strong in such horoscopes.

If there is a malefic aspect on the ruler of 7th House, then the native has no interest in marriage and tends to build relationships outside marriage.  

Financial gains may come from a large insurance claim or inheritance and the native has a long life expectancy, though these may be the only positive aspects of this placement.

Ruler of the 7th House Located in the 9th House

A committed, wealthy and attractive spouse is likely.  Spouse’s family will contribute to the life of the native.  Partner will be religious, spiritual, or highly value a moral code.

The native may live in a country outside of their own, have a thriving relationship with their father, and is generally lucky.  Native can expect to gain wisdom from gurus, mentors and leaders.

The native will be famous and have a good character.

Such people earn respect as they do a lot of social work and charity.

The person will be virtuous and religious.

Such people love to travel, see the world and live in foreign countries.

The fortune of these people rises after marriage.  

Spouse will have a good character and a pleasing personality.


Ruler of the 7th House Located in the 10th House

When the ruler of the 7th House is located in the 10th House, the native will be an independent and hardworking person.

The spouse of these people will be enterprising and financially independent. 

The spouse is devoted to and maintains a flourishing and successful career.  The spouse may strengthen and improve the native’s career which may lead to a profession that requires travel.

Marriage or partnerships may be used as a symbol of status or class.  Partners to the native would be ambitious, driven and possibly open doors and create professional opportunities for the native.

The spouse of such a native will have a highly successful career.

If there is a malefic aspect on the ruler of the 7th House located in the 10th House, then the native will get cheated in the relationship.

The native will not have a happy marital life as the spouse will not be sincere and loyal.

The native will be in a profession that may involve frequent traveling.


Ruler of the 7th House Located in the 11th House

When the ruler of the 7th House is located in the 11th House, the person will have a rich and wealthy spouse.

The native will be passionate and pursuits of these passions will be fulfilled.  Partnerships are successful and marriage will bring happiness and financial stability.

Spouse will improve the native’s image and social circle.  Spouse and the native likely have goals and dreams that are aligned.  The relationship often starts as a sincere friendship.

Wealth occurs later on in life.  Many milestones in life may be delayed.  Native usually has lofty pursuits to change the system or fight for a cause.

The spouse will be intelligent, elegant and charming.

The spouse will be rich and belong to a good family background.

The person gains through business association and partnerships.

The native gets financial gains after marriage.

Such people generally have a good and happy marital life.


Ruler of the 7th House Located in the 12th House

When the ruler of the 7th House is located in the 12th House, the native will be miserly and have a mean mentality.

This placement can lead to toxic relationships, separation from the partner or divorce.

The person’s sexual vigor is strong but an affinity to sadness and isolation will create weak and severed relationships.

The spouse of the native will find it difficult to succeed in making them happy or fulfilled and may not be successful in their own life.

The benefits of the marriage would be limited to a healthy sex-life. 

The spouse of such people will be greedy and bad-tempered.

The spouse’s health will be severely challenged after marriage.

The marital life is disturbed and there is little harmony in the relationship.

If there is an aspect of malefic planets the native will have numerous physical relationships.

The spouse will be a spendthrift and waste money on things that are not required.

Financial losses due to bad partnerships and associations are there.


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