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How to Understand Siblings in a Vedic Astrology Chart

Siblings are the most important part of one’s life. They don’t only share genetic data with us but sometimes have a piece of our soul too. Relationship with your siblings also defines your personality and affects your life in various ways.

Today we will do Vedic astrology chart interpretation by analyzing my birth chart from a sibling perspective. I will also share how to read about different aspects of one’s siblings through their birth chart.

Understand Siblings in a Vedic Astrology Chart

Before proceeding I will suggest that you must read our articles on Vedic astrology houses and how to read your birth chart. This will give you an insight into basic concepts and you will understand this article better.

You may also read another article on Vedic astrology signs and how Vedic astrology is different from modern astrology to know Vedic astrology signs’ meanings.













Regarding siblings, First, we see what is the gender of one’s siblings?

How to predict brothers in a birth chart?

If one needs to know how many brothers or sisters a native has, first he needs to read the ascendant. We give a special place to rising sign as it holds the most powerful secrets of one’s life. If the sun is in the ascendant, the native has brothers. Also if Saturn is in descendant, it will give brothers to natives.

When in a chart, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus make good aspects with each other, the person will have abundant brothers. Saturn in opposition is a piece of bad news and we must not tell that here. If Saturn and Mars are conjunct to each other, the brothers will become sick.

The place of brothers can also be calculated as lots. For this one needs to count the distance from Saturn to Jupiter and then the same distance from the ascendant. For night births, count the distance in reverse.

If Sun, Jupiter, or Mercury are in 3rd place and the sign is masculine, the native has brothers.

In terms of malefic or benefic, if a malefic planet is in aspect with the 3rd place, the native will not have any brothers or will lose them. Benefics in aspect with 3rd place make one brother’s happy and successful.

If Mars is well situated and is making good aspects with benefic, native will be granted many brothers.

Which house is used to predict siblings in Indian astrology?

In general, the 3rd house is used to make predictions about siblings. I must say to see different aspects, you have to analyze the whole chart. The house system works in numbers. Let me explain to you in simple words.

For example, if we say, the 7th house is used to make predictions of partners. Then the 7th house from the 3rd house is the 10th house. So with the 10th house, we can make predictions about siblings’ partners.

This may sound scary sometimes that one can know about people without directly looking at their birth chart. I must admit that this is true to some extent but remember that this would be a general overview. Secondly, this would be concerning natives’ life.

Like how his siblings affect his life and how predictions about his siblings have a place in his lifespan. For details of siblings, the astrologer still has to go through the birth chart of the sibling himself.

How to see the living condition of siblings through a natives’ birth chart?

We all want to know about our loved ones and want them to stay in their happy places. The living conditions of siblings are also reflected through the natives’ birth charts. Like if siblings are going to be well settled or financially weak. How prosperous they will be etc.

If the ruling signs of houses where planets are placed are in favorable signs, the siblings of natives will see success and prosperity in life. Similarly, if the masculine significators are weak or ill-placed, the natives’ brothers will face scandals and disrespect in life.

If the significator of feminine signs is weak, the same will go for sisters. When some significators are weak and others are strong, the natives’ siblings will lead a moderately well life.

What are the ways to read the nature of a relationship with natives’ siblings through his Vedic astrology birth chart?

The relationship between the ruler of the 3rd house, the Moon, and the ruler of ascendant defines the nature of the relationship with one’s siblings. If they have made favorable aspects and are applying to each other in good terms, the native will have a great relationship with his siblings.

If they have no aspect to each other, the siblings will live far away and will be distant. When these planets make ill aspects to each other, the native’s sibling will hate him.

According to house placement, if Mars or Saturn is in the 3rd house, the native will not get peace from siblings. They will constantly disturb his peace.

If the ruler of the 3rd house, Moon, and the ruler of ascendant have mutual reception, the native will benefit from siblings. They will have great unity and love throughout their life. If there is no reception between planets, the native will not have a warm relationship with the siblings.

How does the placement of the ruler of the 3rd house in the birth chart affect siblings?

Well, not to forget the importance of the 3rd house itself. We know that the first thing to consider is the placement of a planet in any house. The second vital thing here is to read the placement of the significator of the house.

Vedic astrology signs and their lords affect birth charts in various ways and sometimes give new meaning to whole chart reading.

Let’s see the possible delineations for placement of the ruler of the 3rd house in a birth chart. (There are a lot of other summaries too but we are focusing on siblings only).

If the ruler of the house is in 1st house, this usually means the native is a firstborn amongst his siblings. He will be respected by them and his siblings will benefit from native himself.

The lord of 3rd house in the second house means the siblings will fight with the native over financial matters.

When the ruler of the 3rd house is in the house itself, it means the native has many brothers( usually more than one).

If the ruler of the 3rd house is ill-placed in the 4th house, it shows that the siblings of natives will fight over the father’s inheritance.

In the 5th house, the placement of the 3rd house ruler means that his siblings will have a good relationship with natives’ children. Also, the sibling may travel and live abroad. They will have happy family gatherings often.

The placement of the 3rd house ruler in the 6th house means the natives’ sibling may not have a good relationship with the parents and with the native himself.

Lord of 3rd house in 7th house means the native will face lawsuit or quarrel, inflicted by his siblings.

In the 8th house, the ruler of the 3rd house brings ill aspects to natives. His siblings will be emotionally less stable towards him. Sometimes they will share a good bond with the native and at other times they may fight with him.

Also, keep in mind that the 8th house is the 6th house from the 3rd. (While counting we count the house itself as first).

The placement of the ruler of the 3rd house in the 9th house is interesting. It means that the native brother will marry a foreign lady and he also may change his nativity because of that.

10th house is difficult from a sibling perspective. By difficult we mean emotionally heavy. As with thorough knowledge, one can predict the end of natives’ siblings through his 10th house. (It is 8th from 3rd). As I have vowed to myself that I shall not give you such horrible news so we should leave it here.

Well, the 11th house is good news. It means the native will receive a lot of love and respect from his siblings. The native will have a friendly relationship with siblings and will benefit from them.

In the 12th house, the ruler of the 3rd house means, that the native will have a bad relationship with his siblings. They will also have conflict over many matters.

Analyzing My birth chart

This is my love for you guys, I am willing to share the most personal aspects of my birth chart. Let’s see what my birth chart reveals about my sibling.



















First, we will see my 1st house. My ascendant is in Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which is in my 11th house. We can see Sun and Mercury here. Mercury is neutral and acts whatever the fellow planet portrays to it.

With ascendant, see my 3rd house. It’s Pisces and Moon is also here. Moon is in its own house and along with Moon, Rahu is in 3rd house too. 3rd house is the best place for Rahu to be.

I have mentioned earlier, that when the lord of the 3rd house is in its house, the native has many brothers. So despite the Moon and Pisces being feminine signs, the placement of Moon in its own house and Saturn residing with the Sun gives me brothers. I have two brothers only.

Sometimes, you have to be tricky to analyze a birth chart. This is not as simple as “if this then that”. As we have seen how I have brothers. Any naive may look at my chart and say as 3rd house is Pisces, ruled by water and feminine, I may have sisters.

Now moon here is already giving me brothers, I don’t have any biological sisters. After knowing this let’s come to some other secrets that can be interpreted through my birth chart. Well, we as a sibling share a good bond and have a mutual relationship of respect and trust.

My ascendant is in sextile aspect with both the 3rd house and 11th house where the ruler of ascendant is placed. Also, Saturn rejoices in the 11th house. This positioning is favorable for me. I will get love and respect from my siblings.

Saturn gives travel to foreign lands and journeys beyond seas. It’s mostly the 9th house that gives foreign travels and the 9th from 3rd is the 11th house where my Saturn is placed. Interestingly, my brother lives abroad.

My 10th house is Libra and Venus which is a ruling planet of Libra is in its own house. 10th house is a house of mothers. Venus is about beauty and young girls. Both my brothers are married to beautiful wives and they both are our cousins from the maternal side. See how amazing this is.

Making things more interesting, My 8th house is Leo. Leo is associated with sickness in the ribs and pain aggravated by deep breathing. The 8th house is 6th from 3rd.

We know the 6th house reveals sickness. My younger brother has had pneumonia for 5years after his birth and has asthma. Well, as scary as it seems, the facts are facts.

A birth chart is a whole cosmos caged in 360°. We just have to look in the right direction and the secrets are revealed just like that. I think I have revealed quite a few facts about my birth chart.

Also, I want you guys to find out, what is my birth number? Meaning if I am the firstborn or middle one or the younger one amongst my sibling? Can you guys read it through my chart?

In the next article, I will shed light on some other aspects of my life.

Of course anything for guys!!.

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