How to Read a Kundali: Easy Step by Step Guide to Read a Birth Chart

How to Read a Kundali: Easy Step by Step Guide to Read a Birth Chart


Kundali reading is a deceptively easy thing to do but there a lot of information to be churned into your mindscape before you brag about it to your friends! Before we dive into step by step process we need to understand the basic and fundamental elements of birth chart in Vedic Astrology.

Kundali or a Birth Chart is made of three components at the most simplistic level. The are: Planets(Grahas), Signs(Rashis), and Houses(Bhavas). If one grasp the in and out of these three basic component he/she can start reading chart and begin the lifelong process of exploring this Vedic wisdom. But is that all? Is understanding these three component enough to grasp Vedic Astrology? Not at all, there is much more to it. But before we go after the complex ideas we must begin with these three.

Let’s begin with dissecting and explaining the fundamental element first.


There are total nine Planets in Vedic Astrology. They are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and two additional shadow planets called Rahu and Ketu. Now, each planet carries certain frequencies and corresponds to certain meanings. And that meaning depends upon the field we are trying to explore upon. Confusing? Okay, let us give you an example. Let’s take Mars. If we try to go look at it from medical astrology, it represents our physical vitality and blood (among some other things), but if we look at it from familial perspective then it represent brotherhood. Got it? Okay, now let’s understand what each planet can represent in details.

SUN: Among many things, it represents our soul and consciousness. It signifies father, will, ego, self-esteem, Government etc. It’s a masculine planet.

MOON: Among many things, moon represents Mother. It is the subconscious side of our mind. It governs emotions and represents imagination and creativity. It is important for moon to be in comfortable position to have a sound mind. It is a feminine planet.

MERCURY: It represents communications of any sorts, written or spoken. It shows our capacity for wordplay and articulation. Medically, it represents our nervous system.

MARS: Mars signifies willpower, vitality, blood, brotherhood, action. It is a warrior or a soldier.

VENUS: It represents beauty, luxury, and all things feminine. Biologically, it governs pheromones. It also represents sister, and girlfriend in a man’s chart.

JUPITER: Called ‘Guru’ in Sanskrit, it represents wisdom, knowledge, philosophy etc. This indicates husband in a female’s chart. Jupiter is karaka (signifier) of teacher . Biologically Jupiter is responsible for Prana (breathe).

SATURN: Saturn is a lesson giving planet. It signifies discipline and structures. It is a karmic planet that asks you to do hard work and keep patience before you achieve any kind of success. It is also gives some irrational fears regarding the bhavas where it sits. Biologically, it is Karaka for bones and bone structures.

RAHU: Rahu is a shadow planet that amplifies or explode things that it touches upon in both positive and negative way, which is why it is important to have right placement of Rahu for positive impact. For example, Rahu in Taurus in 10th House might give you sudden fame if you are running from Dasha Period of Rahu. It is an illusion creating force.

KETU: Ketu is a very isolative and splitting force. It is truth oriented most of the times, and can see through the illusion of Rahu very effortlessly. In right signs and house, it gives you very mystical energies and research oriented, detached mind.


ARIES: Aries is the first sign of Zodiac. It is action oriented, aggressive, cut-throat and competitive signs. It is ruled by Mars.

TAURUS: It is slow, dependable, loyal and a bit lazy signs. Has a taste for luxurious side of life. It is ruled by Venus.

GEMINI: It is highly communicative, logical and dual sign. It is ruled by Mercury.

CANCER: It is homely, emotional, and nurturing sign. It is ruled by Moon.

LEO: It very flamboyant, loud and dramatic sign. It looks for attention in all things it does. It is ruled by SUN.

VIRGO: It a grounded, humble, and articulate sign. It is very calculative, analytical sign, and has a tendency for criticizing things as it tends not to accept anything less than perfect. It is ruled by Mercury.

LIBRA: It highly diplomatic and glamourous sign. It always looks for balance in life. It is ruled by Venus.

SCORPIO: It is very intense, secretive, and research oriented signs. It can be fiercely protective and highly vindictive. It is ruled by Ketu and Mars.

SAGITTARIUS: It is a optimistic sign with flavor for all things positive in life. It is also flamboyant and loud if it needs to be. It is ruled by Jupiter.

CAPRICORN: It is a ambitious, hardworking, and diligent sign. It is ruthless if it needs to be and might fall back to pessimism sometimes. It is ruled by Saturn.

AQUARIUS: It is a very electric, innovative, and sometime rebellious. Very scientific mind and this is last one to believe in astrology. It is ruled by Rahu and Saturn.

PISCES: This is a very ethereal and dreamy sign. It is highly imaginative, sensitive, and prone to escapism. It is ruled by Jupiter.


First House: This is the House of self. It represents body and outer appearance, particularly head. It represents mental capacity, first impression, dignity, and strength of the personality. It is also called Lagna.

Second House: This known as House of Wealth. It represents family, values, finances, face, throat, speech, eyes etc.

Third House: This is known as House of Courage. It represents siblings, neighbors, small circle, short travels. If this house is afflicted, the native will be lazy and action less.

Fourth House: This is House of Happiness. It represents mother, lands and assets, properties. Biologically this represents chest, lungs, and heart.

Fifth House: The House of Children. This house represents cinema, creativity, children, romance, stock market, sports etc.

Sixth House: The House of Enemies. It represents diseases, arguments, law suits, debts, pets etc.

Seventh House: The House of Partnership. This represents life-partners, business partners, sex organs etc.

Eighth House: The House Death. It represents transformations, secrecy, sex, astrology, psychology, research, jwellery, oils etc.

Ninth House: The House of Fortune. It represents religion, philosophy, teachers, father, long travels, higher education etc.

Tenth House: The House of Career: It represents reputation, profession, power, status etc.

Eleventh House: The House of Gains: It represents community, friend circle, elder sibling, material desires, awards etc.

Twelfth House: The House of Enlightenment: It represent our subconscious, bed pleasure, hospitals, overseas, jails, loss of physical strength etc. It represents left eye, mental disorders etc.

The descriptions of Planets, signs, and Houses given above are intentionally kept short to just give basic understanding of them for sake the flow of the article. Now let’s understand how the actually process of reading a chart looks like. But before that, let’s understand few more concepts.

  1. The 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th are called Kendra Houses and they are the most powerful House. Planets here give powerful results.

  2. The 1st, 5th, and 9th House are called Trikonas. They are dharma Houses and gives very positive results.

  3. The Houses 6,8,12 are called Trika Houses. Planets here tend to give negative results if otherwise not cancelled by Yogas.

  4. The Houses 3 and 11 are called upachaya Houses. It grows to give positive results with time.

Now let’s go through the process of reading a chart. To a chart or a Kundali you need to know your exact birth time and your date of birth. If you have both, you can generate a chart easily on this site.

  1. Look at the Lagna sign (Ascendant) and where its’ lord is placed.

  2. Look in which sign sun and moon is Placed.

  3. Take notice of Moon nakshatra.

  4. Look at the running dash period both in Vimshottari Dasha and Yogini Dasha.

  5. Look at the placement of other planets.

Now give predictions accordingly.

Let’s look at a Chart of Indian Megastar Amitabh Bachchan and understand how to read a chart.

  1. Mr. Bachchan is a Aquarius Ascendant, and its lord is placed at Taurus (Rohini Nakshatra) in fourth House. Lagna lord in Kendra is a powerful placement.

  2. Moon in 9th House in Libra gives him a balanced artistic mind.

  3. Now take notice of this: He has four planets Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus in Eighth House. The Conjunction of Sun and Mars give him aggressive persona and energy. It is important to mention here that many films in which he has died (theme of Eighth House) has been super hit.

  4. Rahu in 7th house in Magha gives him explosive fame.

  5. Jupiter in 6th House made him suffer from bankruptcy around 1999-2000 AD.

You see how it plays? Now, generate your chart from this site and start reading it. Practice more and read more to understand this magical science called astrology.

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