The 12 Houses of Astrology


The 10th House

House of Profession and Occupation

Affairs covered by the 10th House are:

  • Social standing
  • Career
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies
  • Natural interests
  • Fame and Status
  • Good deeds
  • Contribution toward society
  • Governmental or authority figures
The 10th House occupies the space between the points 90 degrees and 60 degrees below the horizon, at the moment of our birth, looking East.



In the Vedic Horoscope chart, the 10th House occupies the area highlighted in the diagram above.


The 10th House of the natal chart is one of four auspicious or Kendra Houses.

It is highly influenced by other placements in other Houses. 

When analyzing the meaning of the 10th House placements, take into great consideration the rest of the native’s chart.

The 10th House in Vedic Astrology corresponds to the Earth sign indicating it as a House of wealth, stability, and a way to predict a person’s profession.

It can also indicate the success of or how well the native performs in their occupation.

Many factors impact a person’s career, areas of interest and inclinations toward wealth.

But the 10th House can stand alone in determining the level of career success one may achieve as well as their social status and likelihood of acquiring fame.

Location of the 10th House Ruler

Ruler of the 10th House Located in the 1st House

Gaining social status and building a reputation is connected to this person’s identity.  Career is very important to them and they are likely to work for themselves, maintain an entrepreneurial mindset, and become well-known or at least respected in their field.  This person has the potential to pioneer new ideas.

Likely to be a business owner, the native is motivated by financial stability.  Their status and wealth are linked to their physical appearance which will be well-maintained.  They may be a performer or showman as they enjoy the spotlight. 

Living a long and full life this person may visit many holy lands.

Ruler of the 10th House Located in the 2nd House

Anything the native does will likely bring them wealth.  They are exceptional communicators and speakers.  They are honest, charitable, and work from a place of authenticity.  Food and cooking may be of interest to this person.  They will be imaginative and have a happy family.

Ruler of the 10th House Located in the 3rd House

A profession in the performing arts is likely.  This includes playing music, dancing, singing, or theater/stage acting.  A position within a communications field is possible.  Career advances will only be possible through self-discipline and consistency though siblings are likely to impact the native’s profession in some way. 

The career of this person will allow them the opportunity for many short journeys and adventures.

Ruler of the 10th House Located in the 4th House

Aspecting its own House, lord of the 10th is positively positioned when in the 4th House.  Status, fame, respect, and a meaningful legacy are acquired by the native.  This person will have higher education and a financially suitable profession that may involve property, houses, cars, or land.  A career can be found in farming, real estate, landscaping, or sales.

In general, this person is happy and stable and has an especially close relationship with their mother.

Ruler of the 10th House Located in the 5th House

Another positive placement –  lord of the 10th in the 5th House makes a person wealthy and financially independent.  Everything from investments to interpersonal relationships will be fruitful and bring satisfaction.

The native is likely to have children who become prominent, powerful, or successful.

This placement can lead the person to a variety of occupations including analysis, sports, politics, or even the performing arts.

Spiritual pilgrimages are likely.

Ruler of the 10th House Located in the 6th House

Wealth will be achieved by this person, but it will take time and some significant ups and downs in their career life.  The native will have to work hard and demonstrate perseverance to earn respect from peers.  There will be push back from enemies to prevent promotions or career gains.

The profession may be in the medical field as a nurse or directly with medicine.  The uncle of the native will play a role in their career.

Ruler of the 10th House Located in the 7th House

The spouse will play an important role in the livelihood and financial stability of the native.  Their individual career will be good but they are likely to undertake more joint ventures with a partner than to achieve success solo.

The spouse will be well known and maintain a strong reputation.  They may also travel for work.  The native is generally healthy, respected, and has good fortune.

Ruler of the 10th House Located in the 8th House

The career of this person isn’t as fortunate as other placements.  The native may seek many different jobs and careers even an occupation in metaphysics or the occult but will gain no significant fame or reputation in doing so.

Financial gain will come from inheritance, insurance policies, or from the spouse.

Ruler of the 10th House Located in the 9th House

Lord of the 10th House placed in the 9th House highlights the success, wealth, and power of the native’s father or father-figure.  This person will be spiritual and maintain good luck in professional life and throughout other aspects. 

Fortune can be found in spiritual teaching and their career may involve long journeys away from home.

Faith and grandchildren will bring happiness to the native.

Ruler of the 10th House Located in the 10th House

A ruler in its own House is a positive aspect.

This person will be wealthy, respected, and well-known, potentially even famous.  The native may find themself in a powerful governmental position and will not take it for granted.

This person is motivated by gaining a positive reputation.  A career is only a means of achieving notable attention and social accolades.

Ruler of the 10th House Located in the 11th House

This position indicates well-maintained wealth, the fulfillment of dreams, goals, and desires as well as an ambitious person who is relentless in their pursuits.  The native is inclined to be charitable and give back to others.  Good deeds are often returned with good karma. 

The 11th House aspects the 5th House resulting in intelligence and an occupation that requires lots of thinking and observations.  This person may be involved in social movements and careers that affect society. 

Ruler of the 10th House Located in the 12th House

The career suffers from this placement and the lord of the 10th House being here causes hardship and general unhappiness for the native, though they are granted a peaceful afterlife.

This person may find work in foreign lands.

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