The 12 Houses of Astrology

The 1st House

House of the Body and Personality


Attributes most affected by the 1st House are:

Birth, body, brain, character, complexion, conduct, constitution, dharma, dignity, disposition, dreams, early childhood, environment, face, fame, father’s mother, happiness, head, health, innate nature, longevity, mother’s father, personal appearance, personality, physiology, prosperity, psychology, self-esteem, sense of self-worth, splendor, start in life, strength, tendencies, the constitution, the physical body, victory over enemies, vigor, vitality, well-being and will power.

The 1st House is often referred to as the Ascendant, because it is the House that occupies the space between the horizon, looking East, and the point 30 degrees above the horizon, at the moment of our birth.


The 1st House, or Ascendant, occupies the area between the horizon and 30 degrees above the ground.


The 1st House in the Vedic Horoscope Chart.

In the Vedic Horoscope chart, the 1st House, or Ascendant, occupies the area highlighted in the diagram above.

Because the 1st House is one of the most obvious distinguishing factors between all people born on the same day, it is extremely important.

It is the most intimate part of our horoscope.  It shows how we will be accepted by the world, whether we can achieve recognition for our accomplishments, and earn fame and status.

It denotes our disposition, personality, temperament, and tendencies.  It shows the person’s confidence, self-esteem and self-love.

The ruling planet of the 1st House indicates to a large extent the nature of one’s personality and inclinations. 

For example, if the 1st House is Libra, which is ruled by Venus, the person is likely to be interested in romance and passion.  If the 1st House is Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, then the person will be of a serious disposition, inclined towards business or career matters.

The 1st House is considered auspicious.

We look to see where the ruler of the 1st House is placed in order to find the native’s life focus.  Whichever House the ruler is in, the native will often enjoy great prosperity.

However, the planet’s dignity must always be taken into account to understand the extent of this prosperity.

Malefics such as Mars and Saturn will give different results from benefics such as Venus and Jupiter.

Furthermore, a planet’s status as exalted or debilitated, as well as its aspects from friends or enemies, will change the results.

Being able to understand these many different factors is the key to being a successful astrologer.

With that said, the significations of the 1st House generally thrive when the ascendant lord is placed in an auspicious House.

The Sun is the significator of the 1st House.

Location of the 1st House Ruler

Ruler of the 1st House Located in the 1st House

This means the 1st lord is in its own House. 

This is an excellent position, causing the native to be born into a wealthy family, have happiness and good wealth throughout life, be healthy, powerful, strong, long-lived, and well-respected.  It also gives the possibility of them being a leader.

Ruler of the 1st House Located in the 2nd House

This native will have a good education, as well as a potential career in education.

They will be a good speaker, be honest, and have a happy family life.  Their interests will be in matters related to finance.

Ruler of the 1st House Located in the 3rd House

Siblings will be of great benefit to this native, who will also be adventurous and full of courage.

Their will-power will be strong, allowing them to persevere towards their strong desires through their own efforts.

Dance, music, and drama are all areas of interests where possible careers can be seen.

Ruler of the 1st House Located in the 4th House

Conveniences such as home, cars, boats, and land will abound.

There may be an inheritance of property from the ancestors.

A strong relationship with the mother is seen, which provides the native with life-long happiness.

There will be good status, respect, or fame.

There will also be success in education, longevity, health, and happiness.

Ultimately the person will be quite spiritual and interested in enlightenment.

Ruler of the 1st House Located in the 5th House

In this position, the lord of one wealth House (the 1st House) is sitting in another wealth House (the 5th).

This means the person will have substantial wealth in their life.

Additionally, they will have fame, high status, faith, intelligence, knowledge, successful investments, good luck, longevity, respect, happiness, and be devoted to God.

They will also enjoy religious practices, and have high morals, refined qualities, and a knowledge of mantras.

Furthermore, the native will have merit, be humble, and enjoy gains from authority such as the government.

Overall, the individual is enjoying strong past life credits and will continue on the same path that they did in their last life.

Ruler of the 1st House Located in the 6th House

The native will have decreased longevity, little respect, and health problems.

They will have a challenging and unhappy early life, leading them to be stingy with money.

It is likely that they will be accused and tried in court if other factors support this.

A good relationship with the maternal uncle is seen, and the native will be a hard worker.

Their interests will be in the medical and healing arts, self-improvement techniques, and special diets.

Their job will be very important to them, and they have a great ability to earn wealth later in life, after they put in a lot of hard work.

Ruler of the 1st House Located in the 7th House

These natives will marry out of passion to a spouse who is beautiful, wealthy or devoted.

They will receive benefits from the spouse’s family.  In this position, the ascendant lord is giving its 7th aspect to its own House, so the person will be fortunate, powerful, and respected.

A desire-oriented and sexual nature is seen here.  Spending a lot of time in foreign countries is also likely.

Ruler of the 1st House Located in the 8th House

This placement brings a bad start to life filled with unhappiness.

They will have poor confidence, health, and vitality due to much hardship and suffering in their lives.

Natives can be accused and tried in court if other factors support this.

Accidents, large debts, long-term illnesses, and bad reputation are also seen.

However, marriage will bring prosperity as the native enjoys their partner’s wealth.

Gains may also come from insurance companies, and there will be success in occult practices and yoga.

The person will be drawn towards asceticism, enlightenment, and a spiritual life.

Ruler of the 1st House Located in the 9th House

This is another position where the lord of a wealth House (1st House) sits in another wealth House (9th House).

This alignment brings great gains from father, high morals, fortune, luck, wealth, prosperity, religiousness, and inheritance of paternal property.

The native will also be charitable, healthy, highly respected, famous, powerful, and long-lived.

Ruler of the 1st House Located in the 10th House

This position brings good authority, career, fame, status, and reputation.  Strong health, power, wealth, and longevity are also seen.

Ruler of the 1st House Located in the 11th House

Eldest siblings will give these natives benefits.

There will be many opportunities in life, success in achieving their desires, strong earnings, and wealth.

Their nature will revolve around their desire.

Ruler of the 1st House Located in the 12th House

This placement brings the native hardships and little happiness.

There will be debts, suffering, poor self-image, low vitality, and no fame or respect is gained.

Their life begins poorly and they have an unhappy childhood. Foreign settlement far from the birth place is seen.

Being accused and charged in court is possible if the chart supports this outcome.

The native can spend much time in isolation in places such as hospitals, jails, or monasteries.

It’s likely that they will have good sex lives and live in faraway lands.

Due to poor material results, this placement gives a tendency towards leading an ascetic, spiritual life and seeking enlightenment.  For that reason, success in meditation and yoga are seen.

The native will do many charitable deeds due to their selfless nature.

This position gives little concern for mundane affairs, but it’s great for the afterlife, self-realization, and enlightenment.  Natives may attain heaven.

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