The 12 Houses of Astrology

The 12th House

House of Loss, Karma and Mystery

Affairs indicated by the 12th House:

Debt, loss, misfortune, bad luck
Afterlife, transformation, rebirth
Detachment, restraint, isolation, silent suffering
Financial crisis
Enlightenment, spirituality
Self-realization, self-actualization
Dark Night of the soul
Foreign travel and living
Left foot, left eye, left ear
Element: water

The 12th House occupies the space between the point 30 degrees below the horizon and the horizon, at the moment of our birth, looking East.



In the Vedic Horoscope chart, the 12th House occupies the area highlighted in the diagram above.


The 12th House is full of dark mysteries, correlating it perfectly to the wonderful but sometimes tragic water sign, Pisces, and the slow and strategic planetary force of Saturn.

The 12th House will indicate the fate of loss, waste, misfortune, sex life, confinement, prison, hospital stays, enemies, life in a foreign land.

Considered the House of the “unseen realm”, the 12th House can also indicate the native’s after-death and final transformation.

The 12th House is the most challenging to have placements.

It destroys the power of planets or lords that occupy the House along with the Houses they originally rule.  Additionally, the ruler of the 12th will cause harm wherever it is located in the chart of the native.

However, it isn’t all bad.

12th House placements can also indicate international traveling, spiritual enlightenment and expanded awareness.

Location of the 12th House Ruler

Ruler of the 12th House Located in the 1st House

Poor health, weak physical stature and mental health that diminishes over time.

Native is thin and lacks self-confidence.

Sex life will be fulfilling but won’t make for a happy married life.

Lacks recognition and respect from others.

Had a difficult childhood and early life.

Native may travel to seek spiritual enlightenment. 

Self-sabotage will harm self-image and damage persona.

Native has lonely tendencies and self-undoing will come from how they represent themselves.

Ruler of the 12th House Located in the 2nd House

Detriment will occur in financial and family matters.

Investments are likely to fall through.

Diet and health will be weakened by bad habits, some that may become addictions.

Communication will be filled with inappropriate words, lies and false promises.

Lacks imagination and open-mindedness.

Hearing and vision on the right side may be damaged.

Ruler of the 12th House Located in the 3rd House

Hardship and loss will be actualized through siblings.

Siblings of the native may die early, suffer loss financially and emotionally, and experience hardship.

Siblings suffer due to a lack of education and literacy and live an unfulfilled life.

The native will be fearful, nervous, timid and will hesitate to take action.

Lack of initiative will cause suffering and there will be a lack of adventures or new experiences.

This placement affects intuition more than it affects the mind.

The person with the 12th ruler in the 3rd House will be able to make decisions solely based on emotions.  The gut feeling is strong and precise. 

May have a defect in the right ear.

Ruler of the 12th House Located in the 4th House

The individual will have a strong attraction to spiritual liberation, the occult and enlightenment but likely won’t find the answers they seek.  The relationship between native and mother is challenged.  The mother may suffer from a physical illness, will own very few possessions, is often stressed and dissatisfied. 

The native will change careers and jobs often one of which may be a rental property business or real estate, but this will depend on the aspects of the 10th House.  Little happiness is achieved.

Ruler of the 12th House Located in the 5th House

Joy for this person will not come from children, they will have few or no kids, or may have a child that becomes ill.  Should the native have a child it may suffer mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

Children of the native find it impossible to achieve peace of mind or reap financial gains from their investments.

The individual is suffering karma from the previous life which was likely wasted.  This life is filled with misdeeds, may break the law, or lack moral direction.  The native will struggle taking exams and passes time with love-deprived affairs.

Ruler of the 12th House Located in the 6th House

Career is damaged and riddled with unsatisfying jobs with low pay.  The native will not receive much-needed help from an uncle and will have challenging experiences with subordinates.

Conversely, this placement is a positive aspect of defeating enemies and overcoming the obstacles they create for this person, as well as limiting the native’s debts and expenses.

Ruler of the 12th House Located in the 7th House

Ruler of the 12th House in the 7th House is one of the most detrimental placements and can bring so much tension and stress to the native’s life potentially causing illness or significant physical suffering.

Divorce, debt and dissatisfaction in personal relationships are likely. This person will not maintain a positive social status nor will they gain fame.  They are likely to be somewhat reclusive for spiritual or religious devotion.

Ruler of the 12th House Located in the 8th House

The native is inspired to be spiritual and likely to seek enlightenment and self-actualization.  A call for spiritual freedom will lead to an attraction of the occult and the native will likely have a long life.

No benefits or gains are expected from the spouse and the individual has an increased chance of contracting sexually transmitted illnesses.

Ruler of the 12th House Located in the 9th House

This placement indicates trouble and strife caused through or by the father of the native including debt, expenses, emotional turmoil, bad luck and general difficulties in life.

No benefits or gain will be made with the help of gurus, leaders, or elders. But the person will always sleep comfortably and have a fulfilling sex life. Unfortunately, with this placement, the House of fortune will be in detriment.

Ruler of the 12th House Located in the 10th House

This placement causes career problems for the native along with recognition for their hard work.  This leads to unfulfilled work life, many job changes and a lack of dedication to one particular job or career path.

This aspect will cause friction with the 4th House leading to difficulty obtaining a degree, car problems, tension with the mother or mother figure and general unhappiness.

Ruler of the 12th House Located in the 11th House

This placement impacts the siblings resulting in a poor relationship with the eldest sibling.  It can directly impact the eldest sibling’s well-being, health and happiness, they could suffer from severe physical ailments.

The native may experience limited opportunities in life, accrue debt and an inability to fulfill desires.  There may be symptoms of mental illness or distress and a challenging relationship with children.

Ruler of the 12th House Located in the 12th House

The ruler of the 12th House in its own House is especially favorable for individuals on a spiritual journey toward enlightenment and healing.  The person will be dedicated to their beliefs and obtain heavenly gifts in the afterlife.  The native will be able to sleep comfortably, save easily and enjoy a healthy sex life.

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