The 12 Houses of Astrology

The 6th House

House of Enemies and Disease

the 6th House

Affairs governed by the 6th House are:

Health, illness, disease, enemies, competitors (seen and unseen), foes, jealous people, miserliness, daily jobs, service, preparation of food, restaurants, caterers, appetite, subordinates, tenants, maids, employees, maternal uncle, medical profession, nursing, doctors, cousins, litigations, and tendency to be charged in court cases.

The 6th House occupies the space between the point 150 degrees above the horizon and the point 180 degrees above the horizon, at the moment of our birth, looking East.



In the Vedic Horoscope chart, the 6th House occupies the area highlighted in the diagram above.

The 6th House is a harmful, negative or evil House.  Planets located in the 6th will suffer, and so will the Houses they rule.  Similarly, the ruler of the 6th House will cause damage to the House it occupies.

However the 6th is the least malicious of the three negative Houses (the other two being the 8th and the 12th), because it is also a growing House.  This means that any planet located in such a House grows stronger as time passes.  As a result of this growth, problems caused by the interaction and involvement of planets with this House become less, or can be readily overcome in time, with the appropriate remedy.

For example, suppose Mercury, the planet of communication, is ruling the 2nd House (a House of speech), and occupies either the 6th, 8th, or 12th Houses.  It is possible that a stammer or other speech defect could occur due to this placement.  If Mercury is in the 6th House, it is highly likely that the problem will be unnoticeable by the time the person reaches adulthood.  However, if Mercury is occupying the 8th or the 12th Houses, the problem will be much harder to rectify.

Jyotish texts declare that a person is able to “destroy his enemies” if his 6th House is well aspected or otherwise fortified.  Thus, a strong 6th House is for the purpose of reaching the top of any chosen field.

The indicators of the 6th House are Mars and Saturn.


Location of the 6th House Ruler

Ruler of the 6th House Located in the 1st House

This placement of the 6th House ruler leads to poor health, a body which is thin or scrawny, and for which a special diet is required.

It is unlikely that the native will gain fame, as hard work is predicted for them.  There could be a possible interest or career in the healing arts or medicine.

The native’s childhood and early life is likely to be difficult.  It is most likely that the native’s family is of a working class background and the native will be close to the maternal uncle.

Ruler of the 6th House Located in the 2nd House

The 6th House is a wealth House and so is the 2nd.  Thus, when the lord of a wealth House, is placed in another wealth House, it is good for one’s earning ability.  However, because the 6th House signifies difficulties and challenges, money will only come slowly and through hard work.

Other indications of this placement include diseases of the mouth and tongue, difficulties with speech, frequent use of coarse language, problems at home, limited education, imagination and knowledge, and limited vision in the right eye.

The native needs to be careful to avoid losing money from theft or conflict.

Ruler of the 6th House Located in the 3rd House

When the ruler of the 6th House is placed in the 3rd House, it leads to little or no harmony with the siblings, who may themselves experience poor health.

The native is likely to be quarrelsome and bad tempered.  The person will lack courage, be fearful, and undertake few adventures with little excitement.  Desires will be difficult to achieve.  This native will not show much talent in literary matters or any appreciation of them.

There could be a problem with hearing in the right ear.

There will be little ability in the fine arts such as music, dance or drama, and not much interest in the enjoyment of them either.  A career in nursing or some other medical professional is favored.

Ruler of the 6th House Located in the 4th House

The ruler of the 6th House situated in the 4th House, leads to disharmony with the mother, who may herself suffer from health problems.

There is likely to be difficulty in acquiring one’s own home, land or vehicles.  There will be problems with a car, emotional happiness, education, endings in life and fixed assets.  There will be few comforts or luxuries, and little or no inheritance from one’s parents.

Ruler of the 6th House Located in the 5th House

The ruler of the 6th House located in the 5th House, causes mixed results. 

On the negative side, there will be friction in the relationship with a child, who may suffer poor health, dullness of the mind and emotional instability.

Examinations will prove challenging, and it will be difficult to make a profit from investments. 

Love affairs and other relationships will be plagued by disharmony, most likely caused by the immoral or unrighteous behavior of the native.

On the positive side there will be knowledge of the healing arts, carried forward from a previous life.  There will also be good health, a favorable job, and ability to overcome competitors and enemies.

Ruler of the 6th House Located in the 6th House

The ruler of the 6th House located in the 6th House means that the planet is in its own House.

This placement contributes to the person’s good health, fine job, ability to defeat enemies and attainment of wealth.

The person is likely to have an interest in medicine and the healing arts.

There will be benefits from employees and contractors.

The relationship with maternal uncles will favor this native, as will their relationships with cousins.

Ruler of the 6th House Located in the 7th House

The placement of the 6th House ruler in the 7th House does not augur well for marital harmony.

Not does it bring benefit for the health of the spouse, who is also likely to burden the native with debt, unless care is taken financially.

The native with this placement should not expect perfect health, successful partnerships, fame or great happiness, unless there are mitigating circumstances elsewhere in the chart.

An exalted planet or favorable aspect from another placement would cancel out the above negativity.

Otherwise, learning to transcend will be the only way to overcome this dark shadow on one’s life.

Ruler of the 6th House Located in the 8th House

When the ruler of the 6th House is located in the 8th House, it casts a negative influence over one’s health.

There could be discomfort from chronic diseases.

It will be difficult to find satisfactory employment.

Powerful enemies or jealous people will appear at inconvenient times and block one’s progress toward fulfilment.

If the native hires employees or contractors, they will often become a source of loss due to their ineptitude or dishonesty.

The partner will not provide much benefit in terms of wealth, and gains from insurance policies or inheritances will be sparse.

Ruler of the 6th House Located in the 9th House

The ruler of the 6th House located in the 9th house provides mixed results.

On the positive side, the native’s health will be influenced beneficially.

It will be easy to find satisfying work and employment.

There will be gains from an uncle, who will himself be powerful and religious.

Employers, contractors and tenants will be honest and reliable.

However, there is likely to be a strained relationship with the father, whose health will be challenged. The father is interested in or employed in a medical field.

The native will not be very interested in religion or philosophy, and will not gain much enjoyment from those subjects, and have little faith.

The teaching of gurus will not appeal, and there will be no gains from them.

Ruler of the 6th House Located in the 10th House

The 10th is a wealth House, and so are the 2nd and 6th. The lord of a wealth House in another wealth House Is good for one’s earning ability.

However, because the 6th is an evil House, money only comes slowly and after hard work.

Following difficulty in finding one’s career or life’s purpose and changes in career choice, a career In medicine is likely.

There will be enemies who harm the native’s career or stand in the way of promotion.

Ruler of the 6th House Located in the 11th House

The ruler of the 6th House located in the 11h house leads to profitable jobs and good health.

A wealthy uncle is indicated, but there is likely to be a lack of harmony with the eldest sibling, whose own health will not be strong.

Friends also, will fail to provide the support and warmth desired, unless another aspect of the chart is favorable.

To overcome the lack of opportunities to readily fulfill desires and ambitions, it will be necessary to learn to transcend..

Ruler of the 6th House Located in the 12th House

This is the worst place for the location of the 6th House lord.

There will be overall bad influences on the native’s health – specifically discomfort in the left ear, left eye and anus.

It will be difficult to find satisfactory employment.

The native must be vigilant to guard against losses from servants, employers contractors and subordinates.

Good fortune is not predicted for the uncle.

There will be minimal pleasure from sex, and bedding will tend to be plain and undecorated.

A technique of spiritual development, such as Transcendental Meditation will go a long way in alleviating the negative effects of this placement.


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