The 12 Houses of Astrology

The 1st House

House Of The Body and Personality

The 12 Houses of Astrology - the 1st House



The 1st house is a house of duty or life purpose.

Attributes most affected by the 1st House are:

Birth, body, brain, character, character, complexion, conduct, constitution, dharma, dignity, dignity, disposition, dreams, early childhood, environment, face, fame, fame, father’s mother, happiness, head, head, health, innate nature, longevity, mother’s father, personal appearance, personality, personality, physiology, prosperity, psychology, self-esteem, sense of self-worth, splendor, start in life, strength, strength, tendencies, the constitution, the physical body, victory over enemies, vigor, vitality, well-being and will power.


Because the 1st house Is one of the most obvious the distinguishing factors between all the people born on the same day, it is extremely Important. It Is the most intimate part of our horoscope. It shows how we will be accepted by the world, whether we can achieve recognition for our accomplishments and earn fame and status. It denotes our disposition, personality, temperament, and tendencies. It shows the person’s confidence, self-esteem. and self-love.

image of room in house, cutaway view showing people, things situations representing the above 2 paragraphs


The ruling planet of the 1st house Indicates to a large extent the nature of the personality and one’s inclinations. For example, If the first house is Libra, which is ruled by Venus, the person is likely to be interested in romance and passion. If the first house is Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, then the person will be of a serious disposition, inclined towards business or career matters.

The first house is considered auspicious. We look to see where the ruler of the first house is placed in order to find the native’s life focus. Whichever house the ruler is in will often enjoy great prosperity. However, the planet’s dignity must always be taken into account to understand the extent of this prosperity. Malefics such as Mars and Saturn will give different results from benefics such as Venus and Jupiter. Furthermore, a planet’s status as exalted or debilitated, as well as its aspects from friends or enemies, will change the results. Being able to understand these many different factors is the key to being a successful astrologer.

With that said, the significations of the first house generally thrive when the ascendant lord is placed in an auspicious house.

The Sun is the significator of the first house.

The 1st house ruler in each house:

1st House

This means the first lord is in its own house. This is an excellent position, causing the native to be born into a wealthy family, have happiness and good wealth throughout life, be healthy, powerful, strong, long-lived, and well-respected. It also gives the possibility of being a leader.

2nd House

This native will have a good education, as well as a potential career in education. They will be a good speaker, be honest, and have a happy family life. Their interests will be in matters related to finance.

3rd House

Siblings will be of great benefit to this native, who will also be adventurous and full of courage. Their will-power will be strong, allowing them to persevere towards their strong desires through their own efforts. Dance, music, and drama are all areas of interests where possible careers can be seen.

4th House

Conveniences such as home, cars, boats, and land will abound. There may be an inheritance of property from the ancestors. A strong relationship with the mother is seen, which provides the native with life-long happiness. There will be good status, respect, or fame. There will also be success in education, good longevity, healthy, and happiness. Ultimately the person will be quite spiritual and interested in enlightenment.

5th House

In this position, the lord of one wealth house (the first house) is sitting in another wealth house (the fifth). This means the person will have strong wealth in their life. Additionally, they will have fame, high status, faith, intelligence, knowledge, successful investments, good luck, longevity, respect, happiness, and be devoted to God. They will also enjoy religious practices, and have high morals, refined qualities, and a knowledge of mantras. Furthermore, the native will have merit, be humble, and enjoy gains from authority such as the government. Overall, the individual is enjoying strong past life credits and will continue on the same path that they did in their last life.

6th House

The native will have decreased longevity, little respect, and health problems. They will have a challenging and unhappy early life, leading them to be stingy with money.  It is likely that they will be accused and tried in court if other factors support this.  A good relationship with the maternal uncle is seen, and the native will be a hard worker. Their interests will be in the medical and healing arts, self-improvement techniques, and special diets. Their job will be very important to them, and they have a great ability to earn wealth later in life, after they put in a lot of hard work.

7th House

These natives will marry out of passion to a spouse who is beautiful, wealthy or devoted. They will receive benefits from the spouse’s family.  In this position, the ascendant lord is giving its 7th aspect to its own house, so the person will be fortunate, powerful, and respected.  A desire-oriented and sexual nature is seen here.  Spending a lot of time in foreign countries is also likely.

8th House

This placement brings a bad start in life filled with unhappiness. They will have poor confidence, health, and vitality due to much hardship and suffering in their lives. Natives can be accused and tried in court if other factors support this.  Accidents, large debts, long-term illnesses, and bad reputation are also seen.  However, marriage will bring prosperity as the native enjoys their partner’s wealth.  Gains may also come from insurance companies, and there will be success in occult practices .and yoga.  The life will be drawn towards asceticism, enlightenment, and a spiritual life.

..9th House

This is another position where the lord of a wealth house (1st house) sits in another wealth house (9th house). This alignment brings great gains from father, high morals, fortune, luck, wealth, prosperity, religiousness, and inheritance of paternal property. The native will also be charitable, healthy, highly respected, famous, powerful, and long lived.

10th House

This position brings good authority, career, fame, status, and reputation. Strong health, power, wealth, and longevity are also seen.

11th House

Eldest siblings will give these natives benefits.  There will be many opportunities in life, success in achieving their desires, strong earnings, and wealth.  Their nature will revolve around their desire.

12th House

This placement brings the native hardships and little happiness.  There will be debts, suffering, poor self-image, low vitality, and no fame or respect is gained.  Their life begins poorly and they have an unhappy childhood.  Foreign settlement far from the birth place is seen.  Being accused and charged in court is possible if the chart supports this outcome.  The native can spend much time in isolation in places such as hospitals, jails, or monasteries.  It’s likely that they will have good sex lives and live in faraway lands.  Due to poor material results, this placement gives a tendency towards leading an ascetic, spiritual life and seeking enlightenment.  For that reason, success in meditation and yoga are seen.  The native will do many charitable deeds due to their selfless nature.  This position gives little concern for mundane affairs, but it’s great for the afterlife, self-realization, and enlightenment.  Natives may attain heaven.


The 1st house. or ascendant. reveals one’s most personal characteristics and tendencies. Therefore a planet in the ascendant will affect a person’s physical stature. health. and general disposition or temperament. It indicates how one is received by the world and to what extent recognition or fame is possible. It is the primary factor regarding confidence. self-esteem, and self-acceptance. Also, the significations any I st house planet rules will be prominent in the person’s life. For better or for worse will depend upon the condition of the planet-whether well-aspected, weak. strong, etc.

The first house is also known as the ascendant. This area of the chart shows the native’s personal qualities and predispositions. For that reason, planets in the first house strongly affects the person’s appearance, disposition, health, physical appearance, temperament, and vitality. Planets here determine how people receive the native and how much recognition and fame they can attain. This is also the main factor in determining a person’s confidence, self-acceptance, and self-esteem. Whichever houses the planet in the ascendant rules will also be very important to the native. The qualities of all these traits will depend on how strong the planet in the ascendant is based on sign placement, aspects, etc.

If there are many planets occupying or aspecting the I st house. there will be a large ego. The person will not go unnoticed In life. If the 1st house Is afflicted, the person will be victimized In life more often than normal. His faults will be criticized, he will receive many traffic tickets. be humiliated by peers. etc.

Naturally. rulershlps must be taken Into consideration. For example, Mars Is a malefic planet and will cause harm when occupying the 1st house: however, for a Leo ascendant Mars rules the 9th house and therefore becomes a yogakaraka, or functional benefic, and gives good results.

A large ego and lots of recognition is seen if many planets occupy or aspect the ascendant. A tendency towards victimization and criticism is seen if the first house is afflicted. There may be humiliation and legal troubles.

Rulership is always important to consider. For example, as a natural malefic planet, Saturn will generally cause harm when in the in the ascendant. However, for Taurus ascendant Saturn rules the 9th and 10th house, making it a functional benefic. Thus, Taurus natives will receive good results from this placement.

The karaka, or Indicator, of the 1st house Is the Sun. Final judgement of 1st house matters should not be made without consideration of the house karaka as well as the lord of the house.

The Sun is the natural significator of the 1st house. When judging the ascendant, looking at the condition of the Sun and the lord of the 1st will always be the final considerations.


The Sun, being cruel and malefic, In the 1st house gives a hot constitution, meaning an irritable or somewhat angry temperament. The person may be Impatient or unkind unless there Is an aspect from a benefic. The heat of the Sun will bum or harm the confidence and self-esteem. This will not be obvious to everyone, since the Sun In the ascendant also gives pride, courage, power. and a good deal of assertiveness. There Is no shyness to this placement, and there will be a strong ego. The person will be ambitious and desirous of a position of authority. The relationship with the father will be close and rather significant. There may be an attraction to government jobs. Hindu scriptures state that there will be defective eyesight. but such Is the case only If the Sun Is afflicted by aspect or sign placement. The Sun unaffllcted gives good health and a strong constitution. This Is generally a good position for success and respect from others, as the person presents himself quite well.

Sun in the 1st House

The Sun represents our ego. It shows how we shine in life. As such a person with Sun in the first house will have a strong egoic nature and will never be shy. While, this can make the person a prominent figure, it can give the native a desire to outshine others. This native’s father will have a big impact on them, giving them strong ambition, assertiveness, courage, pride, and power. The native will desire a position of authority and will like to be in government jobs. If Sun is afflicted there can be troubles with eyesight. However, if unafflicted there will be good health. In general, this placement gives success and respect in life, and the native will always impress others.

UCHCHA & SWAKSHETRA (exalted & own house)-If the Sun Is in Aries or Leo In the 1st house, the person will be highly respected or famous. He will be learned and Intelligent. He will also be powerful, dignified. and confident. There will be much success In the life. The person will

defeat his enemies and competitors. His father will be long-lived. powerful. and successful. The person will have been born Into a refined or wealthy family and has had a good start In life.

Exalted or Own House: If the Sun is placed in Aries or Leo in the first house, the native will be highly respected, famous, and intelligent. This native will have a great start in life, being born into a wealthy family. He or she will be confident, dignified, and powerful. Successes will flourish as the native defeats their enemies and competitors. The father will also enjoy a long life, success, and power.

NEECHA (fallen)-If the Sun Is In Libra In the 1st house, it is very bad for confidence and self-esteem. The person will be fighting an uphill struggle for self-love or self-acceptance. There will be health problems and poor eyesight. The blood may be weak or impure. It will be very difficult to gain recognition or respect from others. The person will be often accused and may be charged In court cases If other indications agree. The person may be of angry temperament and capable of lashing out at others in a fierce way. The father’s life Is filled with suffering, and he is unsuccessful and short-lived.

Debilitated: If the Sun in the first house is placed in Libra, confidence and self-esteem will be lacking. Self-love, self-acceptance, respect, and recognition will be hard to attain. Health problems such as poor eyesight can harm the native. These natives will be often accused and charged in court if other chart factors support this outcome. The native will be disposed to anger and capable of exploding fiercely. Their father’s life will be difficult and short-lived.

Since the Sun Is exalted In Aries. it also flourishes in Scorpio-the other sign ruled by Mars.

Because Sun is exalted in Mars’ sign of Aries, it also gives good results in the other Mars-ruled sign, Scorpio.

The Sun gives Its full effects in the 22nd year. Unless it rules good houses or Is well-aspected, there will likely be difficulties related to the 1st house at that time.

During the 22nd year of life, the Sun gives its full affects. If the Sun rules good houses or is supported by friendly planets, this year will be positive. However, if the Sun is in a bad condition, this year will be difficult.


The Moon Is the ·most Important and personal Influence of all the heavenly bodies. It is similar to the ascendant In this sense. If the moon Is going towards full, It Is considered a benefic. The brighter or more full It Is, the more auspicious the Influence. A waxing or waning moon is easily distinguished by noting the Moon’s relationship to the Sun. If the Moon is going towards its opposition with the Sun, then It Is waxing, or getting brighter. If It has passed Its opposition with the Sun and is movIng closer to the conjunction, then It is waning, or decreasing In light. It is very Important to consider the power and disposition of the Moon in this manner. for there is no comparison between a waxing Moon which has passed the Sun by one sign and a bright moon 5 or 6 signs away from the Sun. Likewise, a waning Moon which has passed Its full Moon point by 1 sign Is still very bright and will give good results. In Hindu astrology a full Moon birth Is extremely auspicious.

Moon in the 1st House

Being the most personal of all the planets, the Moon is similar to the ascendant. As the Moon is waxing, it is considered benefic. The fuller or brighter the Moon is, the more auspicious it becomes. It is important to consider the Moon’s status as waxing or waning to understand its strength in the chart. The Moon gives different effects depending on if it’s waxing or waning. However, if it is only 1 day past the full Moon point, it is still bright, and thus gives good results. A full Moon birth is very auspicious.

WAXING MOON-If the waxing Moon is in the 1st house. the person will be very good-looking and have large, beautiful eyes. He will be highly passionate and romantic. He will also be intelligent and fond of mental pursuits. He will be very sociable. There will be success In professions that deal with the public. The person will be emotional. moody. and sensitive. He will be attracted to places near water. The person will be very self-centered, since both the Moon and the ascendant are the most personal influences In the horosco,pe. The personality will be magnetic anq highly attractive to others. The person will be fortunate, respected, and

happy. There will be good health, a strong constitution, and a long life.

The person will be close to his mother, and the relationship may be especially

significant. There will be many comforts and luxuries. Married life Is happy, since the Moon In the I st aspects the 7th house. If the Moon Is afflicted, the person may be mentally unsteady.

Waxing Moon: A waxing moon in the first hoes will make a person attractive with large and beautiful eyes. His or her nature will be romantic and highly passionate. Intelligence and mental pursuits will come naturally to this native. Additionally, he or she will love to connect socially with others. Any profession that deals with the public can have great results. The native will be emotional, moody, and sensitive, and will love to be near bodies of water. Self-centeredness is also seen from this position, because the Moon and the ascendant are the most personal aspect of a person’s chart. A beautiful magnetism will radiate from the person, making them attractive to others. This helps them gain respect, fortune, and happiness. Health will be robust and the constitution will be strong, allowing for a long life. The relationship with the mother will be strong, and their life will flourish with comforts and luxuries. Due to the Moon’s aspect on the 7th house, happiness is promised in married life. However, if afflicted, the Moon will cause mental instability.

WANING MOON-If the waning Moon Is In the 1st house, the effects are similar to what has been given above but not as fortunate. The person will be good-looking, but he will be very changeable or mentally unstable. The waning moon does not favor Intelligence as greatly as the bright Moon, but the person Is still a perpetual thinker. The constitution may be weak, and there may be health problems. It Is also very likely that the person will be selfish, self-centered, and self-Indulgent. He may also be unhappy, poor, and not much respected, though he will not go unnoticed.

Waning Moon: When the Moon is waning in the first house, the native will receive similar results as those mentioned above, yet they will be less fortunate. Good-looks are still seen, but the mind will be unstable and intelligence will not be as great. However, the native will still be a ceaseless thinker. A weak constitution and health problems can be seen from this placement, as well as selfishness and self-indulgence. Unhappiness, poverty, and lack of respect may plague the native, but they will still be recognized by others.

UCHCHA & SWAKSHETRA (exalted and own house)-If the Moon is In Taurus or Cancer In the ascendant, the person will be beautiful, brilliant, respected or famous, happy, magnetic, and romantic. Married life will be happy. The person will have been born Into a refined or wealthy family and has had a good start In life. If the Moon Is waning, the results are proportionately less but still favorable.

Exalted or Own Sign: If the Moon is in the ascendant in Taurus or Cancer, the person is beautiful, brilliant, happy, famous, respected, romantic, and magnetic. The native will be born into a wealthy family and have a good start in life. Their married life will be full of happiness as well. Taking birth under a waning Moon will give similar results, but a less optimal.

NEECHA (fallen)-If the Moon Is In Scorpio In the 1st house, It Is very bad, as It harms the overall tenor of the horoscope. There will be health problems and a weak constitution. The life Is shortened considerably. There will be mental problems or a lack of stability. The person will be unhappy and poor. There will be a bad relationship with the mother, and the mother herself suffers or dies early. The person will be extremely self-centered and self-Indulgent. Married life Is not enhanced by the fallen Moon’s aspect to the 7th. There Is no confidence or self-love. There may be menstrual disorders.

Debilitated: When placed in Scorpio in the first house, bad results are seen and the whole horoscope is affected negatively. This placement gives health problems, a weak constitution, and a short life. Lack of mental stability or even mental problems are seen. It’s likely that the individual will be unhappy and poor, and that the relationship with the mother is not good. In fact, the mother herself may experience hardship and an early death. Extreme self-indulgence and self-centeredness are seen. There will be no self-confidence or self-love. Thus, married life will not be prosperous.

Since the Moon Is exalted In Taurus, It Is well-placed In Libra-the other sign ruled by Venus. The scriptures have also declared Aries a fine place for the Moon.

Because Moon is exalted in Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus, it does well in Venus’ other sign of Libra. According to the scriptures, the Moon also does well in Aries.

The Moon gives Its full effects In the 24th year, and at that time there will be benefits regarding 1st house affairs. The opposite Is the case If the Moon Is waning, afflicted, or evil because It rules bad houses.

The Moon’s effects are given in full in the 24th year of life. At this time, the native will prosper in all activities related to the first house. However, if the Moon is afflicted or waning or a ruler of a bad house, then the native will struggle at this time.


Mars, being a malefic, Is poorly placed In the ascendant. The person will be aggressive, Independent, and of a rash or angry temperament. There may be recklessness and a proneness to accidents. Although there Is confidence and assertiveness, Mars gives an unhappy disposition, and self-love may be lacking. The constitution Is strong, but the body may

have to endure injuries, broken bones, scars, or chronic physical ailments. There may be diseases of the blood. The person will be brave, courageous, and adventurous. There Is an argumentativeness, and all relationships suffer. The person is very sexual and will find monogamy difficult. He will be liberal, Independent, and hot-tempered. There will be ability in all kinds of technical work (engineering, mechanics, accounting, law, etc.). The person will enjoy competition and excel in sports. He easily defeats his enemies and competitors. The person may be attracted to military work. He may desire to be a leader or commander and will succeed if Mars is well disposed. This position indicates Kujadosha, or Mars affliction. Therefore, married life and domestic harmony are spoiled unless the person marries another who also has a Kujadosha horoscope. The exception to this rule Is if Mars in the 1st house is In Aries. (For further details see page6

Mars in the 1st House

Because Mars is a natural malefic, it can bring difficulty when sitting in the first house. Aggression, anger, a hot temper, independence, rashness, and liberalness will all characterize the native. This tendency towards recklessness can cause a tendency towards accidents. While on the positive side, this placement gives confidence, bravery, courage, and adventurousness, it also makes the native unhappy and lack self-love. The body will sustain many injuries, but it will have the strength to recover from them. Diseases of the blood can also plague these individuals. Mars will make the native very contentious, and there will be relationship struggles for that reason. Their sexual nature will also make it hard for them to maintain monogamy. Strong technical skills are seen in these natives, and profession such as engineer, mechanic, accountant, and lawyer are supported. Sports are an area where these natives will excel, as they greatly enjoy competition. Military work will be among their interests. If well placed, Mars can make them thrive in this field as a leader. Married life can be difficult unless their partner has a similarly strong Mars.

UCHCHA & SWAKSHETRA (exalted and own house)-If Mars is in Capricorn, Aries, or Scorpio in the 1st house, the person will be very successful and respected. He will be wealthy, happy, fortunate, and enjoy many pleasures. He will be courageous and have a good disposition. He may be famous as a leader or commander. The person was born into a refined or prosperous family and has had a good start in life.

Exalted or Own House: If in the first house in the sign of Capricorn, Aries, or Scorpio, the native will gain happiness, fortune, success, respect, and will enjoy life’s pleasures. Courage, a good disposition, fame, and leadership are also seen. The native will come from a good family that gives them a favorable start in life.

NEECHA (fallen)-If Mars Is in Cancer in the ascendant, the person will have many health problems. He will suffer from gas or indigestion. His blood may be impure. He will not care for his appearance and will not be good-looking. He will be often accused and may be charged in court cases if other Indications agree. He will be cruel-hearted and argumentative. He will gain no honor or fame. Confidence is lacking and there is very little self-respect. The person will be blunt, tactless, gross, and insensitive.

Debilitated: In the sign of Cancer in the ascendant, Mars brings much ill health to the native. There will be impurities in the blood, gas, or indigestion. People will find him or her ugly, and there will be a tendency to be accused and charged in court if other factors align. Argumentativeness and a cruel-heart are found in these natives. They are also blunt, gross, insensitive, and tactless. Difficult qualities like these lead to lacking honor or fame in life. Confidence and self-respect will be lacking.

NOTE-Mars is an exceptionally good planet for Cancer ascendant. as it rules the 5th and lOth houses and therefore becomes yogakaraka (special union maker). So. even though fallen, 1t will give certain benefits. as stated in the section on rulershtps.

Important Note: For Cancer ascendants, Mars rules the 5th and 10th house, making it a very favorable planet. Even if debilitated, Mars will still give some good results for Cancer ascendants.

Since Mars is exalted In Capricorn, it is also well-placed in Aquarius-the other sign ruled by Saturn.

Because of its exaltation in Capricorn, as a sign ruled by Saturn, Mars will also do well in Saturn’s other sign, Aquarius.

Mars gives its full effects in the 28th year. Unless it rules good houses or is well placed by sign there will be problems relating to l st house matters at that time.

During the 28th year of life we feel the full effect of Mars. There will be problems at this time if Mars rules difficult houses or is afflicted.


Mercury gets dik bala, or directional strength, in the 1st house. Therefore this Is Its best position. However, consideration of aspects is crucial, since Mercury Is adaptable and becomes a malefic If in the presence of other malefics. With Mercury In the 1st, the person is youthful in appearance. He will be Intelligent, learned, and knowledgeable. He may be a writer or take up any career relating to communications. He will be

witty and tngenlus. He Is an excellent speaker and will be vecy talkative.

There will be talent or Interest In math, poetcy. fine arts. or astrology. The

person Is handsome. respected, healthy. and long-lived. Married life Is happy and comes at an early age. The person will be skilled in languages. He will be happy. friendly. and charming. He will also be kindhearted and forgiving. He may be a twin. as this Is one of the most common Indica tions of such. If Mercucy Is afflicted. the person will be nervous, excitable. and mentally unstable. He will be conceited. constantly bragging. and lacking In real confidence.

Mercury in the 1st House

This is the best position for Mercury because it receives directional strength in the first house. However, like always, aspects must be taken into account because Mercury will take on negative qualities if its associates with a malefic. This placement makes the native appear youthful and intelligent. Careers related to writing or communication are definitely seen from this position. A strong wit and ingeniousness are also possessed by these people. He or she will think quickly and be quite gregarious, and have great skills in using languages. Math, poetry, fine arts, and astrology are all areas where their talents shine. Good looks, health longevity, and respect, are some good qualities these people have. They will marry early and find happiness with their partner. Additionally, happiness, friendliness, kindness, forgiveness and charm exude from these natives. The native may have a twin. An afflicted Mercury gives nervousness, excitability, and mental instability. It also gives conceitedness, a lack of confidence, and boastfulness.

UCHCHA & SWAKSHETRA (exalted and own sign)-If Mercucy Is In Virgo or Gemini In the ascendant, there will be great Intelligence, and the benefits listed above are heightened. The person will be beautiful. and will enjoy honor or fame. He will be virtuous, fortunate. and wealthy. He will have been born to a wealthy or refined family.

Exalted and Own Sign: If in the ascendant in the signs of Virgo or Gemini, Mercury will give the native great intelligence and it will enhance all the benefits listed above. Beauty shines from the native and fame or honor is received. He will take birth in a good family, have high morals, and be fortunate and wealthy.

NEECHA (fallen)-If Mercucy Is In Pisces In the 1st. there will be no confidence or self-respect. The person Is nervous, excitable, mentally unstable. or of a wavering mind. There will be a struggle for self-acceptance throughout life. The person will be poor, unfortunate. weak. and unhealthy. Longevity Is decreased and married life suffers.

Debilitated: Mercury in Pisces in the first house will give no confidence or self-respect to the native. He or she will be excitable, indecisive, mentally unstable, and nervous. Self-acceptance does not come easy to them because the native will be poor, weak, unhealthy, and unfortunate. Additionally, they are short-lived and married life is harmed.

Mercucy gives Its full effects In the 32nd year, and at that time. there will be benefl ts regarding l st house affairs unless the planet Is afflicted or evil due to the houses It rules.

At the 32nd year of life, Mercury gives its full affects. During this year a native

with Mercury in the 1st will get many benefits unless Mercury is afflicted or inifficult house


Jupiter gets dlk bala, or directional strength, making this Its best position. If Jupiter Is In the ascendant. It Is a tremendous benefit to the horoscope. This Is considered the most fortunate placement of any planet In a house. The person Is happy, healthy. long-lived, and respected or famous. He will be lucky, beautiful. and of a spiritual nature. There will be happiness from children, the marriage partner. and the father. as the 5th. 7th, and 9th houses are aspected. The person Is “divinely blessed” and protected from suffff!ng and all sorts of harms. He Is dignified, wise, and performs good deeds. This Is a common placement of world famous personages and spiritual leaders. There may be a tendency to gain weight as life progresses.

Jupiter in the 1st House

This is the best position for Jupiter because it receives directional strength in the ascendant. This placement gives enormous benefit to the entire horoscope. In fact, this is widely accepted to be the best placement of a planet in a house. It brings beauty, happiness, health, fame, respect, a spiritual nature, longevity, and luck. Because the 5th, 7th, and 9th houses are inspected, the native’s children, spouse, and father will bring them much happiness. Divine blessings protect these natives from suffering. He or she will always be do good deeds, and be dignified and wise. World famous people and spiritual leaders often have this placement in their chart. As they get older, there may be a tendency towards gaining weight.

UCHCHA & SWAKSHETRA (exalted and own sign)-If Jupiter Is In Cancer. Pisces. or Sagittarius In the 1st house. the good effects above are multiplied. Honor or fame Is assured unless there are serious afflictions to Jupiter. Life Is filled with numerous luxuries and comforts. Jupiter In the ascendant In one of these signs Indicates a person of remarkable spiritual evolution.

Exalted or Own Sign: If in the signs of Cancer, Pisces, or Sagittarius in the ascendant, Jupiter’s affects will be multiplied. Fame and honor will certainly come, unless Jupiter is receiving seriously negative aspects. The native’s life will abound with luxury and comfort. This position indicates that the native is highly spiritually evolved.

NEECHA (fallen)-If Jupiter Is In Capricorn In the 1st. there will be allergies. liver ailments, and other health problems. The person Is unhappy and negative. There Is no honor or fame. and the person will be often accused. There Is no appreciation of religion or spirituality. though the person will tcy to give the appearance of such. The person may be selfrighteous and dogmatic. Longevity Is decreased. The person will be poor and self-esteem Is lacking.

Debilitated: When Jupiter sits in Capricorn in the ascendant, the native will have allergies, liver problems, and other health issues. In general, the person feels negative and unhappy. Honor and fame are lacking and the individual will be a scapegoat. Although they will pretend to be religious and spirituality, in reality they won’t be. Longevity will be less for this native, and a strong sense of dogmatism and self-righteousness is seen. Self-esteem also suffers due to this position and lack of wealth is seen as well.

Jupiter gives Its full effects In the 16th year, and at that time there will be great benefits unless the planet Is afflicted or rules bad houses.

Jupiter’s full results are given at 16 years of age. During this year the native will receive many benefits unless Jupiter is badly aspected or rules a difficult house.


If Venus Is In the l st house, the person will be happy. healthy. and long-lived. He will be lucky. wealthy. and respected. The person will also be beautiful, charming, and extremely attractive to the opposite sex. He will be romantic and highly passionate. He Is fond of all kinds of sensual pleasures. Marriage comes early In life and Is a great source of happiness. The person Is blessed with luxuries and comforts. He will own many ornaments (jewelcy). He will appreciate or make a career In music, dance, drama. or another art form. The person Is virtuous and performs good deeds. He will be of a sensitive and artistic nature. Venus In any kendra gives a kind and forgiving nature. Hindu scriptures state that the person Is skilled In mathematics and the art of sexual pleasures. If Venus Is afflicted there will be sexual diseases or problems with the reproductive system. If Venus Is yogakaraka and occupying the 1st house, there Is a likelihood of great fame. Venus will be a yogakaraka for Virgo. Capricorn. and Aquarius ascendants. But Venus Is fallen In Virgo and thus does not give such good results.

Venus in the 1st House

Venus placed in the ascendant brings beauty, charm, happiness, health, longevity, luck, wealth, and respect to the native. The opposite sex will find these individuals irresistible. The native’s nature is passionate and romantic, and he will love to indulge in many sensual pleasures. Comforts and luxuries always surround these people. They will marry early in life and receive great happiness from their spouse. A lot of jewelry will be owned by these people and they will love to ornament themselves. Natives with this placement are artistic and sensitive. For that reason, careers in dance, drama, music, or other artistic mediums are definitely seen. Good deeds will be performed by these people due to their virtuous nature. When placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house, Venus makes the native forgiving. Skills are seen in the art of sexual pleasures and mathematics. When afflicted, Venus can bring issues related to the reproductive system or sexual diseases. For Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius ascendants, Venus can the first an bring great fame. However, in Virgo results will be less due to Venus’ debilitation.

UCHCHA & SWAKSHETRA (exalted & own sign)-if Venus Is In Pisces, Libra, or Taurus In the 1st house. all the benefits described above are heightened. There will be great fame or a position of vecy high status. Artistic talent Is especially pronounced.

Exalted or Own Sign: When placed in Pisces, Libra, or Taurus in the first house, Venus magnifies all the benefits mentioned above. High status and great fame are seen for the native, and their artistic skills will be quite strong.

NEECHA (fallen)-If Venus Is In Virgo In the ascendant, the person Is timid and lacking confidence. He may have a vecy strong or nearly Insatiable sex drive. There will be sexual diseases or problems with the reproductive system. The person Is overly sensitive. He may be selfcentered and self-Indulgent. He will be constantly seeking sensual pleasures and may be lacking In morals. Both the character and physical constitution are weak. Longevity Is shortened. Venus In this detrimental sign gtves an ordlnacy appearance rather than Its usual beauty.

Debilitated: In the sign of Virgo in the ascendant, Venus gives the native a shyness and low confidence. Their sex drive could be very strong, almost insatiable at times. They will seek sensual pleasure constantly, even though immoral means. Issues surrounding the reproductive organs will harm the native. An overly sensitive nature is seen, and the individual will be self-centered and self-indulgent. His or her character and body will be weak, their life will be short. The person will have ordinary looks, rather than beauty.

Venus Is exalted In Pisces and Is therefore well placed In sagittarius, the other sign ruled by Jupiter. However. for some reason. Venus In Sagittarius makes the person extraordinarily sensitive In relationships and marriage. Certain astrologers advise a person with this placement to many another with Venus in Sagittarius.

Because Venus is exalted in Jupiter’s sign of Pisces, it will also do well in Jupiter’s other sign, Sagittarius. However, when placed in Sagittarius, Venus makes the native very sensitive in relationships. Some astrologers advise those with Venus in Sagittarius to marry someone with the same placement.

Venus gives its full effects in the 25th year. At that time there will be benefits relating to 1st house affairs. It may also be a good time for relationships and love matters.

At the age of 25, Venus’ full effects are felt. Unless Venus is poorly placed, there will be benefits related to the ascendant, relationships, and love.


If Saturn is in the 1st house, it is crucial to consider sign placements

and aspects. As a first-rate malefic. Saturn in this position gives health problems, losses, delays, poverty. lack of honor or fame, miseries, and many ups and downs in the life. However. if it is well placed or well aspected. the person becomes a leader or politician of very high status. Saturn rules longevity, but astrologers and Hindu scriptures are at odds about Saturn in the ascendant on this matter. All agree that Saturn is well placed in Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, and the signs ruled by Jupiter Sagittarius and Pisces. These placements give a very long life. For other placements, Saturn gives its typical malefic effects, and good or bad aspects will make the difference between a short or long life. Other effects of Saturn in the 1st are that the person will likely be thin and have some sort of physical ailment involving the bones. Married life is harmed by Saturn’s aspect on the 7th house. Saturn causes stagnation, and the person may be rather inactive. The person is also slow, serious, disciplined, and mature. Saturn is the farthest planet used in Hindu astrology and gives excellent spiritual effects regarding non-attachment. The person will be of an ascetic nature, caring little for worldly desires. Unless Saturn is well placed in one of the signs already mentioned, there will be little ambition for any kind of recognition. Responsibility. humility. and strong morals will be a trademark of this person. As the 1st house rules birth, there may have been difficulties in the birth experience. The person may have been born a caesarean birth, his mother may have had a very long labor. or there may have been other complications. The intensity of such problems depends upon how close Saturn is to the degree of the ascendant.

Saturn in the 1st House

Because Saturn is a strong malefic planet, when it sits in the first house it is very important to consider sign placement and aspects. When afflicted or badly aspected, this position brings delays, health problems, dishonor, lack of fame, poverty, misery, and many ups and downs. However, when strong, high status, leadership, and political success are seen. Saturn rules longevity and he gives a long life in the signs of Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Pisces. In other signs we have to consider the aspects to Saturn to judge the lifespan. In general, Saturn in the first also makes a person skinny and gives issues related to the bones. Because Saturn aspects the 7th house, married life will be difficult. There can be stagnation and inactivity in the person’s life. Additionally, traits of discipline, humility, responsibility, morality, seriousness, slowness, and maturity are seen in these people. Saturn helps these natives spiritually by giving them less attachment to worldly affairs. If Saturn isn’t in one of the signs previously mentioned, there will be ambition to be recognized. Because the first house rules the birth experience, their birth may have been challenging, giving their mother’s much struggle. The strength of such issues is seen by how close Saturn is degree-wise to the ascendant.

UCHCHA & SWAKSHETRA (exalted and own house)-If Saturn is in Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius in the ascendant, the person will be a leader and obtain a very high status. He will be wealthy, Intelligent, and virtuous. He will perform good deeds and live a long life. He will be extremely humble. The person will have been born into a wealthy family and has had a good start in life.

Exalted or Own House: When placed in Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius in the first house, strong leadership skills and high status is seen in the native. They receive great intelligence, wealth and virtuousness. These people are long lived and do good deeds. They will be born into a wealthy family and have a good start to life, yet will still be extremely humble.

. NEECHA (fallen)-If Saturn is in Aries in the 1st house, the person is sickly and has no vitality or ambition, and his longevity is decreased. ” The person is born Into a lowly family and has had a bad start in life. He will be unhappy. There is frustration and depression about his low position in life. The body is emaciated, and the person cares little about his

appearance. There is a strong possibility that the body is deformed In

some way. There is a terrible self-image and married life greatly suffers.

Saturn gives its full effects in the 36th year. Unless it is well placed or well aspected. there will be problems relating to 1st house affairs at that time.

Debilitated: When placed in Aries in the ascendant, Saturn makes the native have poor healthy, little vitality, and no ambition. Their life is shortened by this placement. He or she will be born into a family of low status and they will have a tough start to their life. Depression and frustration will plague their life. Their body will be emaciated or deformed, and they won’t care about their appearance. Their self-image is harmed and married life will be very difficult.

Saturn’s full affects are delivered during the 36th year of life. If Saturn is poorly placed then there will be many problems relating to the first house during that time.

Since Saturn is exalted in Libra, it is also well placed in Taurus, the other sign ruled by Venus.

Because Saturn is exalted in Venus’ sign of Libra, it will also do well in Venus’ other sign, Taurus.


Retain all references to Rahu and Ketu

Rahu – The North Node in the 1st House

NOTE- Rahu and Ketu are always exactly opposite each other in the horoscope. Therefore if Rahu is in the 1st Ketu is in the 7th.

Note: Rahu and Ketu are always exactly opposite of each other in all birth charts. So, when Rahu is in the 1st house, Ketu will always be in the 7th house.

If Rahu is in the 1st house, it is bad for domestic happiness. There will be constant ups and downs In the married life. Peaceful or stable periods are short-lived, as there is always some problem arising to be dealt with. Rahu. being malefic, is bad for health, longevity, and confidence. There will be a big ego, but since Rahu destroys the confidence, the result is a kind of egocentric, or self-indulgent, personality. There Is a struggle throughout life for self acceptance and a positive self-image. The person is odd, eccentric, or out of the ordinary. He will be wealthy, as Rahu signifies worldly desires and benefits. He will also be Inclined towards spiritual or occult subjects. The health problems caused by Rahu will be due to upset emotions or negative thinking. These illnesses will be difficult to diagnose and hard to cure except through diet or natural remedies. Rahu in the 1st will give physical strength and a strong will. The person defeats his enemies or competitors. The marriage partner may be of a spiritual or ascetic nature. He may also be devious or deceitful. Rahu. because It rules worldy benefits, in the 1st house often gives extraordinary beauty.

Rahu in the first house brings challenges to the native’s domestic happiness. Married life will see many ups and downs. Rahu is a malefic planet, giving natives with this placement bad health and short lives. A big ego is seen, yet there will be a lack of confidence too, making natives egocentric and self-indulgent. Negative self-image and poor self-acceptance are hard to come by for these natives. These people will be quite strange and eccentric. Rahu brings them worldly desires and benefits, such as wealth. There can be a desire towards studying occult and spiritual subjects. Rahu gives disturbed emotions and negative thinking, which lead to health ailments. Such ailments will be hard to diagnose and cure. Diet and natural remedies are the best way to overcome these issues. A strong will and physical strength come from this placement. Enemies and competitors will be defeated. Natives will also be prone to devious and deceitful actions. Regarding marriage, it’s likely that the partner will be spiritual, or even ascetic. Due to the mundane benefits brought by Rahu, extraordinary levels of beauty are often possessed by these natives.

UCHCHA (exalted)-Regarding Rahu and Ketu. the only placements agreed upon by scriptures and astrologers are Mercury’s signs-Gemini and Virgo. Either node flourishes in both signs. If Rahu is in Gemini or Virgo in the 1st house (or stationary direct or in forward motion). the person will be honored or famous. He will be a very strong personality and a leader in his field. He easily gets the better of his competitors. He will be both wealthy and spiritual. He will have a handsome or prominant appearance and be Intelligent. Married life will suffer in the same way as described above.

Exalted: It is widely accepted by astrologers that both nodes do well in the signs of Mercury, Gemini and Virgo. When in either Gemini or Virgo in the 1st house, Rahu brings the native honor and fame. A strong personality is seen, and they will be a leader in whatever they do. These natives overcome their competition with ease, and enjoy both wealth and spiritual advancements. His or her will be good looking and may stand out for their looks. Additionally, these people are intelligent. However, their married life won’t be so good for the reasons motioned above.

NEECHA-There is no agreed-upon fallen position for Rahu. However, it is poorly placed in Cancer and Leo, since it is an enemy of the Sun and Moon. In either of these signs, the negative effects already mentioned above may be heightened.

Debilitated: Astrologers do not agree on a debilitated position for Rahu. However, negative results are seen in both Leo and Cancer, because these are ruled by Rahu’s enemies, Sun and Moon. In both of these placements the already motioned negative results are enhanced.

Rahu gives its full effects in the 42nd year. Unless it is well placed or well inspected, there may be health problems or difficulties in married life at that time. There may also be changes in one’s position or status.

At the age of 42 we feel the full effect of Rahu. If Rahu is poorly placed, this year can bring us a change in status or position, difficulties in marriage, and health problems.

Ketu – The South Node in the 1st House

This position brings many ups and downs in the married life. Domestic peace will be hard to come by. The native’s spouse will be dominating and manipulative. Overall, these people possess an ascetic, intuitive, and spiritual nature, with a powerful ability to discriminate. Their interests will lead them towards enlightenment and occult subjects. The body will be weak and health problems will arise. These natives could fall victim to food poisoning. It’s seen that these people are shy and go unnoticed by others. Weak morals are seen, so these natives are prone to deceiving others. A multi-faceted, changeable nature is seen.

Exalted: When placed in the sign of Virgo or Gemini in the 1st house, Ketu makes the native psychic. He or she will be ascetic, adaptable, flexible, non-attached, spiritual, and walk on the path of enlightenment. A profound discriminatory ability and intelligence is seen in these people. This placement gives a piercing ability to see through superficial appearances. This placement brings a respectable reputation, but the native won’t care for such worldly matters. Married life will still be challenging as mentioned above.

Debilitated, or fallen: Astrologers don’t agree on Ketu’s debilitation point. However, Ketu brings difficulty in the signs of Cancer and Leo. Both of these signs enhance the negative effects mentioned above.

At the age of 48 Ketu’s full effects are felt. During this year issues regarding health or marriage are likely to occur. This time can also bring the native to a higher spiritual state with less attachment from the world. Pronounced spiritual, mystical, or psychic phenomenon can be experienced during this year.