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The 12 Houses of Astrology

The 3rd House

House Of Siblings

The 3rd house  occupies the space between the point 60 degrees above the horizon and the point 90 degrees above the horizon, at the moment of our birth, looking East.

image of sky and horizon, highlighting area between 60 degrees above ground and 90 degrees above ground


 The third house corresponds to an air sign and is there for a house of desire.

image of room in house, cutaway view showing people, things situations representing the above 2 paragraphs + paragraph below

Affairs delineated by the new house include:

adventures, brothers, courage, life energy, acting dance and drama, the fine arts, all desires, vocal training, hearing, communications, letters, neighbours, mental stability, the hands, arms, shoulders, right ear, breasts,  courage, initiative, singing and dancing, motivation,.

Apart from this rulership of brothers and sisters, the third house is important because it governs desires in a general sense, as well as adventures and courage and one’s own efforts.

What it shows is whether our desires are fulfilled and how much effort will be required to make that fulfillment.

The three desire houses are the 3rd, 7th and 11th.

If they are very strong. a person can gain almost anything they sincerely desire, even if astrological indications are to the country.

For example if a person’s horoscope contains a badly afflicted 3rd house, either by rulership or occupation by unfavorable planets, the person may still achieve ownership of their own home if they genuinely and passionately desire it, and the above-mentioned houses of desire are very well aspected.

Therefore, before giving any final decision regarding the likelihood of fulfillment in a person’s life, it is necessary to analyze the 3rd, 7th and 11th houses.

As a ruler of adventures, the third house is also important.

It can indicate a sedentary lifestyle or one that is filled with excitement, frequent or constant activity, adventures and stimulation.

This house also shows the amount of courage a person can have.

If the house is badly afflicted, it indicates that the person will be fearful.  On the other hand if it is well aspected or in a favorable sign, the person will be very courageous and brave.

Furthermore, the third house indicates the nature of the relationship between our brothers and sisters.

The ancient texts say there will be no happiness from brothers or sisters if the 3rd house is afflicted or badly aspected.

Some examples of the effect of a third house affliction are that there are no siblings at all, or the relationship with their siblings is strained, or one or more of the siblings suffers or dies early.

It can be difficult to know exactly which of these situations will come into effect.

The Lord of the third house is not considered particularly beneficial in terms of its disposition to rulership.

As such, the placement of the this planet will not much enhance the house that it occupies.

Although it is generally does not cause much harm, it is found to give only lukewarm Effects.

The indicator of the 3rd house is Mars.

Location of the 3rd House Ruler

Ruler of the 3rd House Located in the 1st House

This person could possibly have talent and develop a career in music dance or drama.

The person is able to support themselves financially due to their own efforts.

Usually this position of the 3rd house Lord does not favour health, or other first house indications.

However the person will be courageous.

Ruler of the 3rd House Located in the 2nd House

The person needs to exert effort to make money.

The are not able to gain wealth except through hard work.

There is some difficulty in family life.

This position of the third house lord is not very favorable for the relationship with siblings, although it is possible that they may assist somehow in any money.

Ruler of the 3rd House Located in the 3rd House

The planet is in its own house.

There will be happiness from brothers and sisters.

The siblings will be prosperous.

The person will have good hearing, there will be many adventures, and desires are fulfilled with not much effort.

The personal show talent in dance, drama or music.

The person will be a good communicator with a fine voice.

The following qualities will manifest themselves: literary ability, maybe a career in the communications industry, bravery, how much commuting or travel within one’s own city, firm, stable and reliable personality.

The person will be motivated, excited and energetic.

Ruler of the 3rd House Located in the 4th House

This person’s activities, efforts and adventures may involve land, real estate or farms.

The brothers and sisters will have a good relationship with their mother. or they could inherit wealth from their ancestors.

A sibling may also be involved in real estate.

Ruler of the 3rd House Located in the 5th House

There is much happiness from siblings, and they are wealthy.

The siblings could be involved in the speculation and investment.

The siblings will be of good character, with high integrity. They will also be courageous.

The person’s desires are fulfilled easily.

They will show some talent in music, drama dance or literature.

Ruler of the 3rd House Located in the 6th House

The person directs their energy outwards in the field of health, for example nursing or other medical profession.

Their efforts often involve jobs where they are of service to others. However, their desires are fulfilled slowly and only after considerable effort and perseverance.

But, this position of the third house lord will provide wealth if the person works diligently.

There could be problems with siblings which will improve in time.

The right ear could be afflicted with a hearing problem.

A sibling might be involved in medicine.

Ruler of the 3rd House Located in the 7th House

The Lord of an action house situated in another action house fulfills the desires of the native.

The nature of the person is to possess strong desires.

Their efforts are successful, they receive benefits from their siblings, the sibling could reside in a foreign country.

The person’s adventures will involve the opposite sex; the person will be passionately sexual.

This position of the third Lord house is not auspicious for married life.

Ruler of the 3rd House Located in the 8th House

When the Lord of the 3rd house is situated in the 8th House, there is no happiness from brothers or sisters. The relationships with the sibling will be strained.

A sibling could die early or lead a of life of hardship.

The native will not be courageous and will be beset by constant fear.

There will be a little adventure and fulfillment of desires will be very difficult.

The person will expend a great amount of effort with little reward in return.

The right ear will suffer from hearing problems.

The person will find difficulty in communicating and show little ability in the fine arts.

They are likely to be interested in the occult comma or secret matters, and so may a brother.

Ruler of the 3rd House Located in the 9th House

This is a favorable position for the 3rd house Lord.

There will be interesting adventures involving overseas travel.

There will be benefits from siblings, and the person will show talent in music, dance, or drama.

The person will be brave with much vocal ability.

Their efforts will succeed through the support of nature, and  their adventures will be varied and exciting.

A sibling may be close to the father, or inherit eternal property. the sibling might be religious.

Although the Lord of the 3rd house does not enhance significations of the 9th house (t like father etc) the 3rd house is doubly benefited since the 9th is the house of good fortune, and the  Lord of the 3rd house will aspect its own house from the 9th.

Ruler of the 3rd House Located in the 10th House

A person whose lord of their 3rd house is situated in the 10th work hard in their career.

They have a good learning ability, and may excel in the fields of literature, dance, drama or music.

They may travel extensively for professional purposes, and are courageous and adventurous.

Their siblings also enjoy a successful career.

Ruler of the 3rd House Located in the 11th House

The 11th house is a  desire house, like the 3rd house.

As such the Lord of the 3rd house placed in the 11th house is auspicious.

The person’s desires are fulfilled easily, their efforts are successful, the person makes gains from investments or involvement in the fine arts or literature.

The person is brave and experiences many good adventures.

There may be benefit for the native in gaining wealth with the help of the siblings.

Ruler of the 3rd House Located in the 12th House

There is little or no happiness from siblings when the Lord of the 3rd house is placed here.

One or more siblings either suffers or dies early.

There is a bad relationship with a sibling.

There are hearing problems in the right ear, much difficulty in fulfilling desires.

The person expense a large amount of effort with little reward and return.

The person has very few adventures without much courage.

They are frequently fearful.

There is little ability in the performing arts.

They are likely to travel to far off places.

They will not be well known for a fine speaking voice.

A sibling might be involved with asceticism, spiritual life, especially meditation.

The sibling could be imprisoned, or enter a monastery.

The person will suffer losses due to the sibling’s behavior or by acting on poor advice given by the sibling.

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